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I can't believe how fast September has flown and that we are already in October !  I can't complain because Autumn is actually my favorite season of the year but because I moved to my new university room and because I started this new university year, I didn't see the time pass. I've probably said this a million times but the thing I love the most about this season, despite the fluffly socks and the cosy evenings, is the makeup part. In fact, during this time of the year I always go for dark colors on my lips and I LOVE it ! In today's post I wanted to share with you some makeup products that are definitely my favorite when it comes to Autumn.

I can't write a post about Autumn makeup without mentioning my all time fave palette : the Morphe 350M. This combination of matte brown and orange/red shades makes it perfect for this season. I already did a full review of this palette last year that you can check out HERE.
Another palette that I really love is the Chocolate Bar from Too Faced, firstly because it smells amazing but mostly because these eyeshadows are highly pigmented. I tend to always go for the shimmer ones in order to put them in the center of my lid. Plus, it contains some gorgeous brown/purple shades.
My favorite shades from this palette :

from left to right : Semi-sweet / Amaretto / Black Forest Truffle/ Cherry Cordial / Hazelnut
The thing I love the most about the Naked 2 from Urban Decay is all the shimmery shades. I use this palette a lot during Autumn whenever I want to create a gold makeup look.
My favorite shades from this palette :

from left to right : Half-Baked / Chopper/ Snakebite/ Suspect/ YDK
Finally, one of my most recent purchase from NYX is this Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade 619 Rust and I can't wait to use it more often because it's truly gorgeous. It looks like a metallic purple/berry shade and it goes on pretty well on the eyelid.

The thing I really like to do during this season is playing with lipstick colors. I love love love wearing berry lips or brown shades in Autumn. My all-time fave is the Yves Rocher one in the shade "23 Violet Profond". I really love the creamy formula of it and I don't feel it at all on my lips.
Lately I've been wearing the NYX Suede in the shade "Vintage" a lot because this liquid lipstick doesn't dry out my lips and I barely notice it when I'm wearing it. The color is like a gorgeous burgundy.
NYX Soft Matte lip cream in the shade "Transylvania" is in fact the first dark liquid lipstick I've ever own. Whenever I want to wear a dark shade I tend to go for this one as the formula is really great and you don't feel that the product is on. The only downside about this product is that it needs at least two coats to be opaque, otherwise it's a bit patchy and see-through. The other shade I love from this range is called "Rome". The color is like a dark nude with a red-undertone and it's probably the lightest shade I'm going to be wearing during Autumn.
Finally, although I've never been a fan of orange color on my lips, I must admit that I fell in love with this brick shade lipstick from Sephora. I was actually also quite surprised by the formula because it's really smooth to apply and it's opaque in only one coat. And the most important thing is that it doesn't make my lips feel dry or anything. 
from left to right : Yves Rocher in "23 Violet Profond" / NYX Suede in "Vintage"/ NYX in "Transylvania" / NYX in "Rome"/ Sephora Cream Lip in "Coral Sunset" 

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