♡ Discovering the french seaside city of La Rochelle ♡

One month ago I went on holiday with my family in a french city called La Rochelle located in the Atlantic coast. It was actually awesome to discover this city because there are a lot of activities  you can do and it has also a rich history that you can see thanks to the historical architecture. In fact, there are a lot of gorgeous arcades so whenever it's rainy you can still wander in the city and why not do some shopping. There are indeed a lot of shops such as Zara, Sephora, H&M, ....  As there is a lot to see just prepare yourself to either walk a lot or if you want, rent a bike.

La Rochelle is also well-known for its fortified old harbor, as you can see in the pictures, with its two famous towers : Saint Nicolas tower and the Tower of the Chain.  There is a lot to see around the harbor and you can find several places to drink and eat. I definitely recommend you to eat an ice-cream from Ernest Le Glacier.

The thing I enjoyed the most about this city is its historical heritage and more especially the architecture presents in this city as most of the houses are white and have gorgeous stone façades. It looks really pretty with a blue sky !

And if you're like me, and probably like most bloggers, and you love to take pictures of gorgeous doors and take outfit pictures in front of them, then you're going to love this city. As you can tell I couldn't resist myself ! 

La Grande Roue
I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw this big wheel. I mean it's probably the prettiest big wheel I've ever seen in my life mostly because of its pastel colours. It will cost you 5 euros per person but trust me it's worth the price as you have a gorgeous view of the whole city.

Saint-Nicolas District
If you're planning to come to La Rochelle then I definitely recommend you to visit this district as it has a lot of lovely shops such as antique dealers, cafés and thrift shops. 

Gabut District 
Located near the Old Harbor, this district looks really colorful thanks to its wooden houses and street arts pieces. There is also a really cool place with some cute outdoors cafés and bars.

One thing I really wanted to do before going to this city was visiting the aquarium as it's one of the largest in Europe. It was really breathtaking ! There is a LOT to see : sharks, sea turtles, jellyfishes and more.

Minimes Harbor
Fyi, this harbour is indeed the largest marina in France for pleasure boats. Surrounded by a few shops and restaurants, this place is also located not to far away from a little beach which I definitely recommend to see the sunset. There is also a path that go along the coast. Trust me, it's lovely to walk next to the coast in the evening ! 

Sunset on the beach
I can't tell you how much I love taking pictures of the beach and especially beach sunsets. The light, the color, the atmosphere ... I could literally spend hours watching the sunset on the beach (which I know it's kind of stupid because the sun disappears quite quickly but you get the point).

These are probably my favorite pictures taken during these holiday. Everything looks so calm and cosy, I LOVE IT !

It was really lovely to discover this city where there is definitely a LOT to see because trust me I didn't do everything this city offers. The thing I liked the most about it is probably the fact that you can either spend hours wandering into town and discover some gorgeous places or you can simply walk next to the beach. You can also go for a boat trip to see the nearby islands or to see the famous Fort Boyard or go on the Ile de Ré where you can find some gorgeous beaches.
FYI there is an airport next to La Rochelle connected to some UK cities such as London, Leeds and Bristol.


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  1. Beautiful photos! I lived in France for 4 years, and its by far my favourite country! Its just so gorgeous!
    Cloe X http://clxelouise.blogspot.com


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