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Believe it or not I can be really lazy when it comes to applying lipstick and especially liquid lipstick. If I'm on a rush I tend to skip this part and leave the house without any lipstick on.

A few days ago a company called We Are True Lips asked me to review their new color-changing lipstick and my initial thought was "How in the world can a orange looking lipstick is not going to look orange on my lips ? Is it some kind of magic ?". In fact I've recently came across a lot of videos talking about these new color-changing makeup products and I really wanted to see how this lipstick would work for me and if it was going to be a lot quicker to apply than the other lipsticks.

A few days later I received the product and I was even more intrigued by it as the color is a bright yellow/orange. It is in fact said to reveal an unique shade of pink as well as moisturize and protect your lips because it contains SPF 15. Basically, the color changes based on the PH of your skin in order to create your unique shade of pink. So in my opinion it is the perfect combo of a lipstick and a lip balm !

The formula feels quite smooth and glossy, and when I applied it it felt more like a lip balm rather than a lipstick. In only a few seconds I saw the pink color coming out and I must admit that I was really impressed ! The color quickly changed to a light pink and after a few minutes a brighter pink. I've been wearing it a few times now and so far I can say that it doesn't dry out my lips as it feels like a lip balm and it doesn't fade fast.

I feel like this is a really cool and fun concept and it's really interesting to see the product changing color right in front of you in only a few seconds. Although I don't especially like pink lipsticks, I feel like I can use this one if I want to apply something on my lips but I don't have time to apply liquid lipstick. The major advantage of this product is that you apply it almost like a lip balm so it's really quick and easy to use. This product will be available in October so stay tuned on their Instagram page for some updates : @wearetruelips
*Disclamer: I was kindly sent this product but all opinions are my own

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  1. This is such an interesting concept, I am definitely intrigued to try this out now!
    Grace xx


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