♡ Trying out the korean skincare brand Wonjin Effect ♡

Hello everyone ! If you read my last blogpost then you already know how much I'm a sucker for skincare products. Recently I've discovered some new skincare products coming from a korean company called Wonjin Effect. Their products are indeed the result of clinical experiences and they only use reliable ingredients which have passed through several clinical tests. I must admit that I was really curious about these products as I've never really tried any korean skincare products before. I've indeed received two products from this brand. The first one is the Vita Moist Ampoule which contains a combination of a vitamin serum and a moisture and the second thing is a pack of five Water Bomb face masks.

Vita Moist Ampoule

Firstly I have to say that I'm in love with the packaging and I also love the fact that you can clearly see that this product has two different kind of products in it : the yellow top one contains Vitamin Essence with C Fruit Vitamin that help brightens the skin whereas the blue bottom part consists of a Moisture Essence which creates a moisture boosting effect. This product is so pleasing to look at AND it also smells amazing ! Moreover, the Vita Moist Ampoule is said to moisturize and clear your skin.

To use it you only need to shake the product so that way the two parts blend together and then apply 2 to 3 drops on your skin. When I applied it, it didn't felt too oily and my skin absorbed it quite quickly. It makes my skin looks really soft, fresh and bright and I absolutely love how my skin felt afterwards.

Water Bomb Mask
The thing I like the most about this face mask is that it's a three steps face mask, like a all-in-one kind of product. The first step is a Vita-Moist Toner which is the combination of eight different kinds of Vitamin Complex that makes the skin bright and smooth. This toner feels really watery but it's quickly absorbed by my skin. It's a bit sticky afterwards but despite that it doesn't tightens or anything.
After that, I applied the Re: Effect Ampoule which it's said to fill skin wrickles and pull loose skin for an anti-aging effect. It's definitely a bit more consistant than the toner but it's still a liquid product. When I applied it, it made my skin feels really fresh and glowy.

Finally, on step 3 we have the Water Bomb face mask itself, which is a highly moisturizing sheet mask containing several moisture elements such as aloe vera, brown algae, bamboo water and hyaluronic acid. This mask is really transparent and thin but it has a very good amount of product. Unlike some other face masks I've tried in the past, this one is no too big from my face and it really sticks to it. Moreover, it has a such a lovely smell ! I've waited approximately 20 minutes and after I removed it, my face felt a bit sticky and I simply massaged the product that was left into my skin. My face definitely felt fresh, hydrated and really soft afterwards.
Overall I'd say that I'm pretty impressed with these two skincare products. I feel like they are perfect if you have a dry and sensitive skin because they deeply hydrated my face and my skin felt really fresh and clean afterwards. I particularly enjoyed using the Water Bomb face mask as I found the 3 step form really helpful.
*Disclamer : I was kindly sent these products but all opinions are my own

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