♡ My love/hate relationship with Instagram ♡

To start off, I just wanted to tell you that I didn't know what to expect with this post. I actually wrote all off this at approximatively 1 am because I was feeling inspired and because I had a lot of things to say. I've never really ever did a "chatty" blogpost like this one before so I'd love to have your opinion about it !

First of all I must admit that I pretty much spend all of my days scrolling down my Instagram feed which is, I know, a really bad habit. In fact, I have kind of a love/hate relationship with Instagram especially over the past few weeks. I created my account in March 2015 ... wow I just realized it's been quite a journey ! Throughout the months (may I say the years ?) I feel like I've developed my creativity and I always try to level up my photography game. Thanks to Instagram, I've talked to so many lovely people and it's always a pleasure to read all of the comments I get or the DMs I receive.

At first, I didn't take Instagram seriously and I was simply posting pictures that I took and that I really liked but I didn't really have a theme. Over time I've decided to stick to a certain theme that I really liked (and that I still like), which was pictures with a touch of pink. Now that I look at my 'old' pictures I can see that they have some flaws and I've decided to delete some of them. As I was not a photography expert (which I'm still not) I didn't really know how to use my camera properly and in my opinion some of my pictures were quite blurry or overexposed.

Despite that, I always love to go down memory lane by looking at my old Instagram pictures because they all remind me of certain moments.

I feel like Instagram really helped me develop my creativity and my photography game. Now, I enjoy taking pictures even though it takes me sometimes one hour just to get two pictures. I've indeed decided to create my blog after created my Instagram account because I wanted to share more content with my followers.

I have indeed a lot of good memories associated with Instagram. The thing I'm mostly proud of is when the Zoella Beauty account reposted several of my pictures in only a year. Seing that people like my pictures really make me emotional because I'm the kind of person who never wants anybody to see her 'work'. Sharing my pictures is something really personnal and I know it may sounds stupid but I'm always a bit nervous when I post them because I don't know if people are going to like them or not.

Moreover, I must admit that having an Instagram account takes a bit of time. I try my best to always be active by liking and commenting on other people's pictures, and by posting at least every two days. Sometimes it can be hard to balance between my social life/ uni life and Instagram because I feel like Instagram is another little world where I can be someone else (not in a bad way but more in a creative way). It's always nice to talk to people from around the world when you just spent the entire day studying for your exams. Plus, I love to see that if I need any advice or help I can talk to my followers. In reverse, I try my best to always answer my DMs or my comments if someone needs any advice or just someone to talk. In this way, I feel like Instagram makes me feel a bit free and open.

However, there are aspects that I don't really like about Instagram. Although, it allows people to connect with each other, it's still a social media and by that I mean some people think it's ok to say whatever they want just because they are behind a screen. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel like Instagram is a bad place, I just feel like some people aren't here for a good reason. I've seen some pretty bad comments out there ! I'll never understand the point to comment on a picture just to say that someone is ugly, fat or wearing too much makeup. In my opinion, Instagram should only be a place where you can share your creativity and your love for each other, not to insult someone' appearance or way of life.

Now let's talk about 'likes' and 'followers' because for some people that's all that matters on Instagram. Well, I try my best to not really care about the numbers. I think at one point I was obsessed with getting likes and followers but now I don't really care as much as I thought I would. Instagram taught me that you can have more than 10k but not half of this amount of likes, and it's ok ! I'm not going to lie if I say that you can find a lot of fake followers on this platform. That's why some "big" accounts tend to have a good amount of followers but practicly no likes, which is kind of sad because some of them put a lot of effort into their pictures.

But on another hand, some people are 'buying' likes and followers, yes you heard me and it's not really new. I've seen a lot of accounts with a sh*t ton of followers and likes but when you search a bit more you see that they are all fake accounts. How do I know it's a fake account ? Well 1. Weird username (Well, I know mine isn't that simple) 2. No profile picture 3. No pictures at all 4. No followers 5. But THOUSAND of followings. In fact, some accounts are getting thousand of likes in less than 10 minutes but none afterwards, whereas for my case I get approximately 150-200 likes in one hour. I really don't get why people have to buy "fame" like that ?! Yes maybe you'll have a thousand of likes but what's the point because they are not even real people who can enjoy your content ? Another thing that I can associate with that is fake comments such as "r4r" or "Want followers ?" : in resume they are really annoying and useless ! I'm aware that it took me some time before getting to 8k followers but at least I'm proud to see that I have real followers who I can interact with. That's why I always try to block/report when accounts like that start to follow me.

Lately, I've noticed a few changes on Instagram probably thanks to this new algorithm. Basically, I feel like small acounts hardly get noticed nowadays, which is really sad because we all put a lot of effort into our pictures. Some accounts aren't really showed in my timeline as they used to before and I can't always see their pictures. As a blogger, in a really modest way, Instagram is my way to kind of promote my blog, so if people aren't able to see my pictures how are they going to know that I've posted some new content over my blog ? I've also noticed that now I get half of the likes I used to have before despite the fact that I have more followers.

Finally, although as I said above, Instagram allows everyone to share creative content, there is one thing that is pissing me off. Let me get straight to the point : stealing pictures. Over the past months, I've had several cases of people stealing some of my pictures. The most stolen ones are the ones where I put some Zoella Beauty products in, which is kind of understandable because they reposted them a few times on their page so people are just posting the pictures they took from the Zoella Beauty account. But, I always told them to at least give me credits because after all, I took this picture, I bought the products and I put some time and effort into it. I'm not going to lie, I had to block and report several accounts which didn't want to give me any credit or delete the picture. I'll never understand the point to post pictures that aren't yours.

Some accounts also claimed that the pictures were their own and they cropped or covered my watermark : unbelievable. I feel like some accounts don't understand how much a picture isn't just a picture that we take in one minute. For my part, it takes me at least two hours per weekend to take my pictures and I spend money (batteries for my camera, props, ...) on them. Stealing other people's intellectual property such as pictures is really lame. That's why now I prefer when people ASK me first if they want to repost my pictures.
Overall I'd say that I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. Indeed, although it allows me to connect with wonderful people everyday, to discover some small bloggers, to share with everyone my content, to develop my photography game and it also brings me amazing opportunities with brands, I feel like Instagram is slowly (but surely) starting to look like Facebook. I don't really want to see this social media as a stressful place where I need to post because otherwise I'll loose followers. I don't want to play the follow/unfollow game that some accounts (and brands !) do just because I'll gain more followers. I just want to keep posting pictures that I love and connect with people !

What's YOUR opinion about Instagram ?

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6 commentaires

  1. I understand everything that you've said here. I don't really care about the followers and likes anymore, and just post whatever I like. I'm not really into a theme anymore. Great post lovely xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Thank you so much ! I'm glad you liked this post xx

  2. I totally agree and understand everythibg you mentioned. I try to not care about the numbers but I can't help noticing that this new algorithm is affecting my account. I love Instagram so much but some aspects have changed which make me also have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. Thank you for writing this post, it was really good😊❤️

    1. I couldn't agree more, it's sad to see how Instagram is changing ! I'm glad you liked this post :) xx

  3. I totally get this post! Instagram has just become part of our daily routines its crazy how much it controls us sometimes! xx

    Holly | www.statementundertones.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I totaly HATE Instagram and what it does to people with lower number of followers. I can not understand how unfair it is after last updates. Hope they will change their mind after the number of users would rapidly decrease.

    P.S. Love, love, LOVE your blog and Instagram.

    from www.kisseslottie.blogspot.com


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