♡ 35 easy flatlay/blog props ideas ♡

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I'm a sucker for flatlay pictures. First of all, a flatlay is when you take your pictures from above, I'd say as a bird's eye view. I know that sometimes you can be stuck with idea of objects to put in your pictures and I'm not lying if I say that sometimes I'm tempted to buy a thing just because it'd look nice on camera (shame on me!). In fact, some props can be really useful when it comes to flatlay and blog pictures because they help your pictures to stand out. Props can indeed tell a story around your products. It's always nice in a picture to mix items of different sizes and colors. Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite flatlay props to spice up your photography game. Trust me, lot of them can actually be found in your home !

First thing first, a good flatlay requieres a good background in order to make your objects to stand out. The possibilities are endless ! You can for instance choose a marble adhesive paper or simply a wooden floor. Recently, I bought some cute wrapping paper in Ikea and I think they look gorgeous as a background for my pictures. Moreover, you can add some texture to your flatlay using for example a fluffly cushion or a scarf.  
1. Rug
2. Cushion
3. Blanket
4. Bedding
5. Clothes
6. Fabric
7. Wrapping paper
8. Wooden floor

For your pictures, you can also use some stationnery props that we all have at home. The easiest prop is indeed a magazine's page because we all have at least one in our home. Fashion magazines and especially pages with some text or with gorgeous pictures can really spice up your photography game. I also like to use pages from some books I own such as for example Girl Online by Zoella or Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso. As a stationnery lover I also have a LOT of notebooks in my collection that are perfect for my flatlay pictures. Most of them came from Hema, TkMaxx, Flying Tiger or Primark. You can also choose to put some cute cards (Paperchase has some gorgeous ones) in your pictures. Colorful cards or quotes for instance can really upgrade a picture in my opinion.
9. Notebooks
10. Books
11. Cards
12. Printed quotes
13. Magazines

The good thing about this type of props is that we all have one in our house. I use my phone and my laptop a lot in my flatlay pictures especially when I talk about my Instagram or when I want to promote my blog on my social medias. Moreover, I always like to use my Fujifilm Instax 8 because it's pink so it easily blends with my Instagram feed and I feel like it adds something to every picture.
14. Laptop
15. Phone
16. Ipad
17. Camera
18. Polaroid
19. Earphones

Micellanous things 
You can find some cute and useful little props in many shops such as DIY stores. Fake flowers are indeed really great if you want to add a bit of color in your pictures. Moreover, I use sometimes a lot of confetti in my flatlays because I feel like they add something to your pictures especially during the festive season. Don't be afraid to search all around your house for some bits and bobs !
20. Confetti / Glitter
21. Fake flowers
22. Polaroids/ pictures
23. Ribbons / Twine/ Washi tape

I'm not going to lie, I buy a LOT of home decors stuff so as I don't really use them everyday I like to put them in my pictures. In fact, we all have some gorgeous stuff all around our house that are perfect for pictures. It can be as simple as a pretty mug or a candle but they add dimension and 'life'. Recently I've bought a few things from H&M Home such as a golden leaf trivet among with four coasters and they are perfect for my pictures when I want to add a golden touch.
24. Mugs
25. Plates / Bowl
26. Fairy lights
27. Coasters/ Trinkets
28. Candles

As a blogger, I tend to often talk about beauty products and what's best than featuring them in my flatlay pictures ? Indeed, all you have in your makeup bag can also be useful in terms of blog pictures. Some makeup brands have some gorgeous packaging which are going to look even prettier in pictures. In my opinion, beauty products are so resourceful because they have different sizes and colors. You can easily play with them in your pictures. Moreover, you can also use some fluffy piece of clothing or a patterned top to use for your photography. They'll in fact add some texture to your pictures and allow you to level up your photography game by adding some dimension. 
29. Makeup brushes
30. Nail polish / Lipsticks
31. Watches
32. Shoes
33. Bag
34. Necklaces / Rings / Bobby Pins
35. Glasses/ Sunglasses

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