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Who never spent a countless amount of time binge-watching their favorite series on Netflix ? Well, I can't say I haven't. I'm not going to lie I'm watching a lot of shows on Netflix and in this post I'm not going to mention all of them like Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock, Sense8 or Stranger Things. In today's post I'm going to focus on shows I've recently discovered and one show that I've been loving for a while. Don't worry this post doesn't contains any spoilers I promise ! Side note : these series are for some of them a bit dark so they are not suitable for everyone.

13 Reasons Why

It's probably the most popular series right now because I keep seing articles and opinions about it all over the internet. Although it talks about the sensible topic of suicide, I can say that it's a beautiful and sad show at the same time. You can't stop watching it as soon as you start episode 1 and you became quickly attached to some characters. The story is really moving, beautiful and sometimes it can be hard to watch some scenes. You can't watch this show without thinking about how a word can affect people lives. I really felt sad and emotional about everything Hannah was going through and I found Katherine Langford amazing in this role. In summary, this series is really powerful, brilliant, emotional and disturbing to watch. It talks about a lot of sensible subjects such as bullying, depression but also suicide.

The synopsis : Based on the novel by Jay Asher, the series follows the story of Clay Jansen, a high school student, who discovered on his house's porch a mysterious box with his name on it. This box contains in fact several tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, a girl who commited suicide two weeks before. In fact, these tapes explain the thirteen reasons why she decided to end up her life.


Another popular show right now on Netflix. Riverdale is indeed quite a nice serie to watch as it has many storylines and intrigues. Throughout the episodes, the plot keeps getting complicated and bizarre. Each character has kind of its own storyline and backstory that it makes the story more interesting. Plus, the more you watch some episodes the more you're going to love/hate some of the characters.
The synopsis : After the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, the small town of Riverdale investigates on his murder. In this show we follow the story of a small group of friends which is going to discover all the darkness and the secrets of this town.


I've discovered this series a while ago now but it's still one of my favorite. The thing I like the most about it is that it's like a horror movie but in the series form, which makes it more interesting. I'm not going to lie, as it's kind of based on the movies Scream, it contains several bloody and graphic scenes which are sometimes a bit too much for my heart. But I really love this slasher-horror series especially because it has a lot of suspense, actions and murders. I also really love the characters. I definitely recommend this show if you love horror movies and thrillers.

The synopsis : The story takes place in the city of Lakewood where a group of teenagers became the target of a serial killer, who presumely killed another group of teenagers 20 years ago. Emma Duval, one of the teenagers, seems to be the killer's obsession and with the help of her friends she is going to find out who this mysterious killer is.

Bates Motel 

This is in fact the very last show I've discovered thanks to Netflix. I think I heard a few opinions about it a few months ago but I can't really remember where. For those you don't know, Bates Motel is a contemporary prequel of the movie Psycho by Alfred Hicthcock. As the serie progresses, the plot became more psychological and complexed and that's why I love this series ! We have indeed a lot of unexpected twists and mind games which are perfectly portrayed thanks to the amazing actor performances of Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore. If I have to describe this serie in a few words I'd say : mystery, psychological and thriller.

The synopsis : The series begins with the death of Norman's father in a very mysterious way. Later, Norma Bates, his mother, decides to purchase a motel in the city of White Pine Bay in order to start a new life with her son. Soon enough, a few strange events are going to happen.

What's your favorite show to watch at the moment ?

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  1. Hi Valentine! My fav show at this moment are Riverdale (I love Veronica), Merlin, New girl (really funny, it's a little bit like Friends) and I think its all.

  2. This post is so helpful to me thankyou! I recently posted a blog post literally shouting for advice on what to watch on Netflix; I love the sound of Bates Motel so I'll be starting with that I think.
    Thanks for the help!��


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