♡ Pink nail polish for Spring ♡

It may seems like a cliché but in my opinion Spring means pastel colors and especially pink everywhere. Concerning my nails, I tend to always go for nude and light pink colors. What's best then to wear some pink/nude colors for Spring ? In today's post I wanted to share with you my top four favorite pink nail polish that are perfect for this season !

Essie | Eternal Optimist

What's a post about nail polish without my all time fave ? Turns out that my favorite one is a gorgeous pink color that reminds me of Spring. I'm never disapointed by a Essie nail polish because they are really easy to apply and for my part this nail polish only requieres two coats to be fully opaque. I'd say that I absolutely need a top coat with this one, otherwise I feel like it starts to crack pretty easily.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics | Peaches & Cream

First, can we talk about how cute its little name is ? I mean "Peaches & Cream" ! In fact, I couldn't agree more with this name because the color is a light peach. It's actually one of my favorite Tanya Burr nail polish because I was searching for a color similar to this one ages ago. I think it's a pretty light peachy color perfectly adapted for a Spring and sunny day.

H&M | Sepia

Despite the fact that I have quite a mixed opinion concerning H&M beauty products that I find a bit pricey considering the quality, I must admit that I fell in love with their nail polish collection. In my search for the perfect pink nude for Spring, I managed to find this gorgeous color called "Sepia". I've been wearing it a few couple of times now and as it's a light color I feel like it needs at least 3 coats to be opaque. That's why I've decided to put first a white nail polish as a base coat and then apply this nail polish. That way, I need to put less coats and in only 1-2 coats it's opaque.

Kiko | 004

And last but not least I have this nail polish from Kiko. In fact, this is the lightest pink  of all the four. It's also quite a recent purchase so I haven't been wearing it a lot. However, so far I can say that I only needed to apply two coats to be fully opaque. It's also described as a "fast dry nail lacquer" and trust me they're right about that because my nail polish was dry only a few minutes after applying it (which is amazing if you're like me and you always ruin your nail polish short after applying it on your nails).

Tell me in the comments what's your favorite nail polish at the moment !

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