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I'm not going to lie, I probably spend 90% of my time scrolling down my Instagram feed. I try to post whenever I can and I really enjoy seing all the love I get. Some person out there really inspired me to level up my photography game and thanks to some gorgeous accounts I feel like nowadays I enjoy more and more taking pictures. Sticking up with a theme on Instagram can be really hard, especially if you are like me, a.k.a a perfectionist, and you love to see that your feed is perfectly put together.

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite bloggers on Instagram. They all are talented and creative when it comes to photography and I love seing their pictures as much as I love reading their blog. I follow a lot of bloggers on this platform and I feel like a lot of them are truly trying hard to make gorgeous pictures. I would have liked to put them all in this post because they are all so amazing ! Instagram made me discover so many talented bloggers that inspire me everyday when it comes to pictures so in this post I just wanted to share some love for their feed. So here are 10 Instagram bloggers you need to follow !

Kate La Vie | Kate is actually one of the first blogger I followed on Instagram and she is one of the reason why I've decided to start my own blog. I love how unique her feed is ! I mean, her house is clearly interior goals and I'm sooo jealous of her living room. Every snap of her house made me want to buy more stuff for mine. With a good mix of gold, pink and white Kate's feed is simply gorgeous. Follow her here.

Petite Ellie | Ellie's feed is clearly GOALS. Her pictures are always so unique and can we talk about her gorgeous flatlays ?! Her blog is also amazing and I love reading her posts. You should definitely go give her a follow if it is not done yet. Follow her here.

Hannah Gale | Another lovely blogger here ! Hannah's feed is full of pink, ootds and lifestyle pictures. I love to follow her life through her gorgeous snaps. I also love how she mixes her outfit pictures with her lifestyle ones. Her feed really makes me want to shoot more outfit pictures ! Follow her here.

Lifeastillyrose | What can I say about Tilly's Instagram ? Well, it's gorgeous ! She really has a thing when it comes to mix her lifestyle pictures such as OOTDs with some gorgeous makeup flatlays. I really love her shots and I'm especially jealous of the pink background she uses to take her flatlays because I think it looks amazing. Go follow her here and don't forget to check out her blog too !

Idontcrampmystyle | If you love pink as much as I do you're going to love Anna's feed. All of her shots are always so creative and gorgeous that it makes me want to be more creative with my feed. She truly have a real photography talent and I love seing her lifestyle and interior pictures. She is also such a lovely person. Follow her here.

Pintsizedbeauty | Who is not jealous about Lily's gorgeous flatlays ? Her pictures always look simple and unique at the same time. I really love how she puts things together and everytime she takes a picture of a makeup product I instantly want to buy it because it looks gorgeous. Nothing else to say : her feed is perfection as well as her blog ! Follow her here.

Fridayfaye | Urm hello Queen of flatlays ! Faye's Instagram is truly by far one of my fave. Her flatlay pictures are always so dreamy ! I mean flatlay + pink + gorgeous makeup products = you have my love. You can really see that she puts a lot of time and work on her pictures. Follow her here.

Francismayyy | If you're a makeup lover like me you'll love Francisca's feed. Her flatlays are always on point and her feed looks perfect. Her makeup products are always put together really nicely in all of her pictures. Follow her here.

Her little loves | Look at her Instagram, what a feed goals ! Her lovely snaps make me want to buy a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick so bad. Makeup and gold lovers you should definitely follow her on Instagram. Follow her here.

Ladywritesblog | Another amazing blogger to follow ! I really love how she mixes different types of pictures and how she puts together her products. She always choose a nice background for her pictures too. Follow her here.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to follow all of these lovely bloggers if you can because you won't regret it ! Tell me who are your favorite Instagram bloggers in the comments below because I'd love to follow more :)

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