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Well hello there ! This post was so resquested on Instagram and I finally decided to jump into the water and write it. Blogging seems to be really popular nowadays especially on Instagram because most of the time, your blog is an extension of your Instagram page. It's not really hard to create your own blog in 2017 and I feel like a lot of people are tempting to start blogging as it allows you to have your own internet place where  you can speak about subjects that you love. Again, I'm not a full-time blogger AT ALL and I don't know everything about blogging, especially since I'm not self-hosted, but I'm here to give you some tips on how to start a blog.


One of the first thing to think about is on which platform you want your blog to be on. We can find several free blogger platforms online such as Blogger and WordPress.com. I've decided to go for Blogger as it works with a Google account and I've been following amazing bloggers who use this platform. It's free and really easy to use in my opinion. I'd say the only downside is that you don't own your domain, which is why I have "blogspost.fr" at the end of my blog's name. Just to let you know you can still move your blog to another site. Unfortunately I'm not an expert on that topic as I never changed my blog platform but you can find some useful articles online about this topic.


Another important thing is your blog name. If you want to go self-hosted, which I recommend, you can buy your domain name. I can't really say much about it because I'm not self-hosted (yet !) but it's on my goals list for this year as you're more free and it's more professional to have "yourblogname.com" rather than "yourblogname.blogspot.com". Your blog name is really important and it's probably one of the hardest thing to choose. It requires to reflect what you want to do with your blog but also fit your personnality. For my part, I decided to go for something similar to my Instagram page and built a little world around my nickname "Snyx".


Moreover, in order to attract people and make your blog interesting, you need to make your blog looks professional and especially make it looks like yours. I know that Blogger is really limited concerning blogger templates and most of them look boring as hell. That's why, after some research, I've discovered that you can actually download other blogger templates. In fact, several sites such as Pidgig, Etsy but also ThemExpose offer a large selection of blogger templates. Some of them are free and you need to edit them by yourself and for some of them you have to pay but you can edit them more easily and make them the way you want.

I've decided to go for a free one but I'm not going to lie it was kinda hard. I'm not really good at computing but I had to learn how to edit an HTML code because yes when you download a free blogger template all the categories that you can find like for instance "Fashion" on my blog aren't really created to go with your blog and you have to modify them in your HTML code so that when you click on the categorie it leads you to the page you want (I don't know if that's really clear). To download your own template to Blogger all you need to do is download your template from a website, then you need to UnZip the file and then go on your Blogger website > Template > Backup/Restore (I advise you to always do a backup of your current template so that you don't loose anything) > Choose File > Select your UnZip file > Upload. As I've said above, free templates often mean you have to change things by yourself and for that you need to edit your HTML code. I can't fully explain here on how I've changed my categories to make them lead to the good page because it's quite complicated, but I found a few tutorials online that explained this way better that I possibly could.

For my part, I've decided to choose a free blogger template with a slidder and a clear white/grey background as it looks more professional and clean. Moreover, thanks to Blogger, you can edit your side bar with different "gadgets". You can for example add a gadget "Follow me by email" or all of your labels but also the link to all of your social medias.


The most important thing about blogging is to not think about money. It requires patience and a lot of work to finally be able to live with your blog earnings. I'm not going to lie, blogging is just an extra activity for me and I don't earn anything from it, except some products that sometimes companies send me. Of course, thanks to Google AdSense I've decided to put some ads in the side bar BUT I can't really say I have earned a lot of money. Just to be clear, don't expect to make a tons of money when you start blogging. For my part, blogging is more for fun and expressing myself.

Another important thing in my opinion is photography. Personally, I hate reading a blogpost if the pictures are blurry, dark or taken from Google Images. Photography is what support your text especially if you talk about some products, so you need to level up your photography game a bit. Try to have a clear background and make your products stand out. Moreover, clear and bright pictures will automatically attract your readers. You can also buy some photography books in order to give you some tips !


One thing I recommend is to join Bloglovin'. If you don't know, Bloglovin' allows you to follow your favorite bloggers BUT also it allows your followers to follow you. That way they can't miss any of your posts. Moreover, I also like to promote my blogposts through my social medias such as Pinterest but especially Instagram. It's important to connect with your audience because they won't read your posts if you don't promote them and also listen to your audience's comments.

Side note : I know I'm probably not the best to say that for English is not my mother tongue but good grammar will help your blog to stand out more. For my part, I always double (or even triple) check a post before publishing it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to have fun if you want to create your own blogging space ! :)

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  1. This is lovely! Im sure this will be helpful to lots of people xo

  2. Lovely idea to post this. Wish I knew more, and found a post like this, about the importance of Photography when I started in 2015. 100% agree upon the importance of not overthinking about money as blogging should be fun!.

  3. I love love love your tips! I wish I knew all these when I started blogging!! Especially about photography - I love reading posts that have bright photos too xx :)


    1. Thank you so much :D I'm glad you loved this post :) x


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