♡ The makeup brush set of your dreams ♡

So a few days go, a company called Beau Belle Brushes* kindly sent me a gorgeous brush set. It's called "Professional Black Make-Up Brush Pot" and it contains thirteen brushes that are perfect to create a nice face look. In this set you can find everything you need from your face to your eyebrows. Moreover, they are all made with synthetic fibres.

I always wanted to have a nice brush set but I always find them quite expensive or they don't have all the brushes I want. In this set, you can find the right amount of brushes because you have some tiny brushes but also some more bigger ones that are great for powder and foundation. Plus, they come with a nice pot so your brushes are kept clean and in a nice packaging. Moreover, they look really professional with the mix of black and silver.

It's really convenient as on each brush you find a number and you have all of the references on the box. Although I love makeup, I'm not a pro concerning the use of a makeup brush depending on its aspect so now I know which brush is for which use.

This set includes :
A1 - Lip Brush
B4 - Powder Brush
B5 - Stippling Brush
B6 - Angled Contour Brush
B7 - Foundation Brush
C1 - Angled Brow Brush
C2 - Large Shader Brush
C3 - Angled Shading Brush
C4 - Blending Brush
C5 - Shader Brush
C6 - Detail Brush
C7 - Lash Brush
C8 - Tapered Blending Brush

I'm such a sucker for makeup brushes and I found this set amazing as it contains everything that I need to do my makeup. In my opinion, the quality is great and I definitely recommend them if you're searching for a good makeup brush set. I've been using them for the past couple of days and I really love them as they are really soft and the bristles aren't falling apart when you apply makeup on your face. Moreover, I feel like they put on your eyelid the right amount of product and you don't have any fallout. The Blending brushes and the Powder brush are my favorite so far !

Also for all the rose gold lovers, you can also find on their website a similar set in rose gold !

* Disclamer : Yes I was sent this brush set from Beau Belle Brushes BUT this post is not sponsored at all. All opinions are my own.

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