♡ Saturday Night Pamper ♡

After a loong and stressful week at uni, I always like to take some time for myself especially on Saturdays. I just love to unwind and have a real "me" time where I can think about myself and relax. Treating yourself with a pamper routine is the best way to relieve stress and feel good. Toss your hair in a bun and be ready for this pamper evening that we all deserve.


The first thing I like to do during my pamper evening is to take my makeup off. For this, I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for my eyes and Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water for my face as it leaves a nice perfume on my skin. Another essential step is face mask. I just can't think of a pamper evening without a face mask ! I have a few favorite and I especially love the Pure-Clay by l'Oreal.  After this, my skin feels amazing and soft ! Finally, I apply a beauty elixir from Yves Rocher which hydrates my skin so much.


When I'm doing a face mask as I need to wait a few minutes to let it dry, I always have time to kill. That's why I like to paint my nails. My favorite nail polish at the moment is the Essie 'Eternal Optimist', which is a gorgeous pink. To be honest, it's probably the only spare time of the week I have to do my nails !



Saturday night also means a hot and long shower in order to relieve the stress. Spending time under the shower is my favorite thing in the world. For that, I like to use Lush "Prince Charming" shower gel. It's part of their Valentine's Day collection and I'm literally IN LOVE with the scent. Moreover, shower means putting some music ! Singing in the shower is the best way to have a good time (and annoy your parents, for sure). After that, I also like to apply my Zoella Sweet Inspirations Body Cream all over my body. Indeed, in winter my skin feels a bit dry so moisturizing it is really important. I can't never tell you how much I love this Zoella body cream scent. It's AMAZING ! I also like to put some hair oil from Yves Rocher.



Pamper night = relax. In other words, have time for yourself also means to do what you love to do. Put your homework and your stress aside and take time to relax. The best way to do it, is for instance to read some magazines, write down your thoughts in your diary, have a bath (well, IF you have a bathtub, which is unfortunately not my case) or spend some time watching YouTube videos or binge watching your favorite series. For my part, I like to spend my pamper night on my laptop and write a few blogposts or watch some episodes in my bed. My favorite part of the entire week is indeed being in my bed at night, in my fluffly bathrobe, with a tons of cushions, with the scent of my Yankee candle, watching a movie. Then, all I do is SLEEP like a baby.

Having a little time for yourself is really important. Always put yourself first. A "me" time is essential at the end of the week in order to feel better about yourself and about everything that is surrounding you. You go girl !

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