♡ How I styled my bedroom ♡

Hello everyone ! Today's brand new post is going to be all about how I styled my bedroom and especially my bedside table as it's highly requested everytime I post a picture of my bedroom on Instagram. It is probably one of my favorite thing in my room and over the past few months, I've changed everything about it. First, I got rid of my old bedside table which was a simple vintage white that I had for a loong time. I've decided to go for a wooden and white one from Ikea which reminds me of this Scandinavian vibe that we can see all over the internet.

On my bedside table I have a Yankee candle which is "Lake Sunset" a.k.a my favorite scent in the world ! I love to burn this candle on a cozy night when I'm on my bed with my laptop. You can also find my photography book by Anki Wijnen and my Zoella Hungry Hand hand cream which I love especially in winter time.

I saw this light trend all over Pinterest so I had to create my own one. It's really easy to make as you only need a pendant light, a light bulb and a shelf bracket. I love the way it looks and it's also really convenient as I have more room on my bedside table. It gives this space a more Pinterest-ish look which I'm obsessed with !

 I also have my lightbox which  my best friend got me for my birthday. It's from a shop called "A Little Lovely Company" and it's pink on the outside. Writing cute messages has begun to be my new hobby ! I also added a succulent from Ikea and I simply painted a flower pot with acrylic paint.

This fluffly cushion from Maisons du Monde is my favorite new item ! I wanted one for ages and I finally bought it a few weeks ago. It's only a cushion cover so I've decided to cover up an old pillow which didn't look good anymore. I love to mix several textures and different shades of pastel pink in my room and I think that this item goes really well with my fluffy throw and rug.



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  1. really enjoyed reading this, your bedroom is gorgeous! xx

  2. I know I've said this before, but BEDROOM GOALS😍😍 And lovely post as always🌸💕

  3. Love it! Very girly!
    Michelle xx
    IG: @shellie_belle_


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