♡ Why I took a break from blogging ♡

About a month ago, I've decided to take a little break from blogging and I'm sure some of you haven't even noticed because I know that we are all busy at the moment of the year. First, I want to say that blogging has always been a fun part in my life especially over the past few months but I never considered myself as a 'blogger' because it's a big word in my opinion and I don't think I have the talent most of the bloggers out there have.
At the beginning of the year as one of my resolutions I've decided to put myself first and do what I love. Unfortunately, I feel like I compare myself too much with other bloggers and I sometimes found that my pictures or even my blogposts weren't really interesting. I try my best to put my heart into my blogposts but I know that I can't be as good as some bloggers, mostly because English is not my mother tongue so every blogpost I publish needs a bit of a time. I also felt some pressure concerning my blog views as sometimes the views were low despite the fact that I spent hours writing and taking pictures for a post.
The beginning of 2017 was so stressful and even though I feel like blogging is my little bubble of happiness, I was too anxious and worried about my finals to think about writing any blogpost. I've tried many times to push myself to write a blogpost but everytime I felt like it was boring and useless. Yep, writer's block ! With hindsight and a bit of thinking, I know now that I don't need to compare myself to others. I also know that I'm not the most talented blogger and sometimes I feel like my writing isn't that great but I do what I love and I want to push myself forward.
January blues hit me. Due to the cold/dark weather, all of my pictures were blurry and dark and I wasn't happy with them at all. After two weeks of exams, I also managed to get sick and it was horrible. I was poorly during an entire week and everytime I wanted to take pictures or just write a post, I was feeling extremely tired.
Finally, I think that I needed some rest to really think about what I wanted to do with this blog. This year, I really want to go self hosted and have my own website and I was thinking on maybe changing my blog platform. After this little break, I want to improve my blog, make it look more professional and keep doing what I love without comparing myself to others.

I'm so glad to be back ! x


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7 commentaires

  1. Glad to see you back on here, cannot wait for the new content :)

  2. I'm so glad you're going to keep doing what you love most even though it is tough sometimes. You're really an inspiration. I looove your blog!! Xx

  3. oh my gosh, valentine. your blog is amazing your posts, your photos... everything! don't do that to yourself don't sell yourself short. English isn't my language too, so i know it can be a little hard. i'm so glad you're back. :)

  4. Hi I am new reader on your blog and i wanted to say I used to blog too but I stopped because it got too hard. Stresses increased when exams came and it gets hard to post. I've stopped now but I still love photography and writing but I just don't publish it. I am glad that you have motivated yourself and will continue with your blog. I love the way your site is put together and I think your pictures are amazing. -FlutterThoughts xo

    1. Thank you so much for the love :) x I totally understand what you're saying because I felt the same !


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