♡ 5 beauty products I've been loving lately ♡

Hi lovelies ! Today I'm back with a brand new blogpost about beauty. Lately I've been loving a few products, five exactly, that I wanted to share with you. I can admit that these beauty products changed my life and I use them as often as I possibly can.

We can say that in January I bought a LOT of Essie nail polishes. I really love the formula and the colours are just so pretty. I mean, whenever I come to my local beauty shop I like to stare at them and see all of the colours they have. Plus, the packaging scream "Please take a picture of me". I have four shades now (yes I have the same one twice but it's my all time fave). From left to right : 'Eternal optimist', 'Life of the party', 'Passport to hapiness' and 'Chocolate cakes'. Don't forget to tell me which one is your favorite as I can't say no to some more Essie nail polishes.
This year I've decided to take care of my skin because lately with all the Christmas food (mostly because of the amount of chocolate I ate) my skin has gone a bit crazy. I love to have a little pamper evening on a Friday night and for that I use this amazing face mask from L'Oréal called : Pure Clay Detox. I usually apply it with a foundation brush as it's easier to spread on your face. I feel like it really helps my skin and it feels soft afterwards.

I think one of the new trend is glowy makeup look. For this, I like to use the Instaglow CC Cream from The Body Shop as a primer before my foundation. At first, I was a bit disapointed by this product but after a few uses I feel like it gives my makeup a more glowy and healthy look. When I'm done with my makeup I always put some Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter from TheBalm. It's my favorite highlighter by far. The color is really natural and gives you a nice glow.

Finally, I can't never say no to a vampy look and for this I like to use my favorite dark berry lipstick. It's the famous "Transylvania" soft matte lip cream from Nyx. It's really easy to apply and the formula is just awesome as it doesn't dry out my lips like liquid lipsticks normally do.  

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  1. Lovely post! I really need to try out that NYX soft matte lip cream, it just looks gorgeous ;)

    1. Thank you lovely :) Yes you should ! I have a few of them now and I love them as the formula is different to a normal liquid lipstick ;)


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