♡ What I got for my 20th birthday ♡

As you probably know, one week ago it was my birthday. It feels so weird to think that I'm no longer nineteen ! I genuinely love when people do a blogpost about what they got for their birthday because it gives me so many ideas for gifts that I want to make. I got some really cute presents and I thought I'd share them with you.

Ps : I'm not trying to brag in any way. I'm so grateful for everything I was giving and I'd like to thank my friends and family.

I don't know if you saw my Birthday Wishlist but I'm so happy because one of my closest friends got me a lightbox from a company called « A little lovely company ». Aaand it's pink ! I'm so in love with it and it looks super cute on my desk. 

My parents got me some cute little presents such as a candle, some EOS lip balms, a copper brass letter holder which is from a shop called « Maisons du Monde », a mug and some copper geometric gems. They know me so well ! I love everything that is copper and I already put all of these decors in my bedroom.

How gorgeous is this mug ?? I mean, it has copper, a geometric deer and pink aka my favorite things in the world. I'm so obsessed with it especially when I'm writing a blogpost because I love drinking tea during winter afternoons.

This set contains three EOS lip balms. They all have a different scent : the pink one is called « Honey Apple », the purple on is « Passion Fruit » and the red-ish is « Wildberry ». I think that this set is such a nice gift for a Birthday or for Christmas !

One of my best friends got me this gorgeous makeup brushes set from a french beauty shop called Nocibé. As soon as I saw them I know that I wanted them in my makeup bag and my friend knows me so well ! It comes along with a miror because they are actually magnetic brushes so you can put them on the mirror. She also got me a cute little copper candle holder.
One of my friends also got me these three gorgeous chokers. She knows me so well because I wear a choker almost everyday ! The top one reminds me of gems, the second is like an holographic one and the last one is a red velvet one, perfect for Christmas in my opinion.
Finally, two of my friends at university got me my very first Yankee Candle in a jar. It's called « Sparkling Cinnamon » and it smells like Christmas ! I'm definitely going to burn this beauty during a cold winter night.


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