♡ How I take my flat lay pictures ♡

Flat lay is a big photography trend nowadays especially for some beauty bloggers as it allows you to display, for instance, your favorite makeup products in a beautiful way. Basically, a flat lay is when you take your pictures from above, as a bird's eye view. I enjoy more and more taking flat lay pictures at the moment and some of you requested on Instagram some tips on how I take them. Just to be clear, I'm not a expert at all concerning flat lays however I'd love to share a few of my tips with you.


The most important thing in photography is the light. I love to use natural light and for that I prefer to shoot in front of a window and more especially on the floor. You need to choose the perfect spot in your house. For my part, I usually take my pictures in my living room as it has a great window and a white light in the morning. Moreover, shadows can be a bit annoying so I prefer to avoid direct sunlight and I don't use the flash. As I've said in THIS blogpost, I use a camera (a Nikon Coolpix L830) and I edit the exposure compensation so my pictures aren't too dark.


On my Instagram, you've probably seen that I mostly use a marble or a white background. To achieve this I simply use a marble adhesive paper that you can find in a DIY store or online. In fact, you can use any types of backgrounds as long as your products stand out. For my pictures I also like to use a wooden floor, a magazine, some wrapping paper, a table or a piece of paper. You can also add some texture by using for instance a blanket, a piece of fabric or a rug. In fact, the possibilities are endless !


Your picture needs to tell a story. You can for instance choose a color scheme or play with items of different sizes. For my Instagram pictures I like to always put a pink touch with a nail polish or a page from a magazine. For example, when I need to take a picture of a beauty product, I like to put some other makeup products or tools next to it.


To suceed a flat lay picture you need to get above your subject. You may need to use a chair, a tripod or go on tiptoe but photography requires a bit of patience and practice. When I take my pictures I also like to ask myself : is it to messy ? Do the objects work together ? I also make sure that there is enough space between the products and sometimes I prefer to keep it simple and minimal. Don't be afraid to try several dispositions before finding the perfect one. Special tip : use blu tack to prevent your objects to roll especially lipsticks.

Another tip : for this picture I printed a pink paper to make a contrast with the marble. It's a simply and cheap alternative background idea.

Inspiration and practice

Sometimes I know that it's hard to think of a good way to put your objects together. That's why you can search for some inspiration on Pinterest for instance or on Instagram. I follow a lot of people who are really good at flat lays but always remember to be unique and creative. Try to develop your own photography style rather than copy someone else. For example, I like to use a clear background but you can also opt for something more original and colorful. Have fun !


My favorite flat lay props :

- My Instax Mini 8
- Jewelry such as rings and bracelet
- Christmas confetti
- My phone
- Bobby pins
- Makeup brushes and makeup tools such as an eyelash curler
- Magazines

I hope this was helpful. Do you have your own little tips on how to do flat lays ? Let me know in the comments section !

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  1. This post has deffo give me some amazing inspo!


  2. Hi. Luvvvv your blog!! You give great tips. Can't wait to try them for myself 😊😊
    From jess

  3. Great tips! I just started a blog, so I struggle with taking pictures for it, but this really helped, thx, xxx

  4. Hi! I love your blog! ❤
    My blog is beccaslittlebubblexo.blogspot.com if you wanna check it out x

  5. I recently followed you on instagram, absolutely love your photo's.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Blog Header Designs | Instagram

  6. Thanks for this post. I am forever improving my flat lays. I've only just started being serious with my Instagram. A tip I have is to look at the photos very well before removing all the products. I took some photos the other day and realised that the blu tac I used was visible.



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