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Hello ! As we all know Christmas Eve begins tomorrow and everything around us already screams CHRISTMAS. I haven't done one in a while so I thought today I'd do a Christmas Q&A. I asked you on Instagram to leave some questions and some of you were kind enough to comment. Here we go !
What's your favourite part of Christmas ? (@lilybrazier2288) I'd say Christmas movies and songs because they instantly put me into the Christmas mood. I also really love to wander in my town and especially I love going in the Christmas markets. All the lights and the atmosphere automatically make me think about Christmas.

If you had to shop for your Christmas presents and decor in one shop only, which shop would you choose ? (@alyy.xo) I think I'd choose Marks & Spencer for the UK and, as I live in France, I'd choose a shop called Maisons du Monde because you can find some amazing decor and gift ideas.
What's your most favourite and your least favourite thing about Christmas ? (@r0seandtea) My favorite thing is, as I said above, wandering in my town and seeing all the lights and the thing I least love about Christmas is probably study because my finals are in January (sigh!).
What's your favourite Christmas memory ? (@little_cutie_lover) What's your favorite Christmas and why ? (@xlizabethcarling) I don't really have one favorite Christmas but I'd say those when I was little because I used to celebrate Christmas with my whole family and I remember opening some pretty big présents with my cousin around the Christmas tree.
What would be the best Christmas present in the world you could receive ? The first thing that comes to my mind is a ticket to The 1975 concert aaand why not a Meet & Greet. I love them so so much and their concert was one of the best thing in my entire life. I just want to meet them in real life and tell them how much I love them and their music. Another thing I'd love, more down to earth, is a car because I got my driving licence a few months ago and I'd love to have my own car !

What's your favourite thing to do at Christmas ? (@tillycavillx) I really like to decore the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas songs.
What's your favourite Christmas song ? (@elenavoluychyk) Oh gosh I have a ton of them I think ! But if I had to choose I'd say Last Christmas from Wham!, Let It Snow (the Glee version), All I want for Christmas is You (such a classic) and Baby It's Cold Outside.
What's your favourite Christmas film ? (@stano_girl2006) Tough choice because I can't really choose between Home Alone, The Polar Express and the Grinch.
What's your favourite festive treat ? (@mainecoonie) Everything that has gingerbread or chocolate in it, like gingerbread cookies or a Christmas log.  

Do you enjoy Christmas baking ? Well, what's Christmas without baking ? I mean if I want to cook in a year it's probably around Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled because I may show you a Christmas cookie recipe soon on my blog !

Angel or star at the top of the tree ? (@beats.smith) Currently we have a little bear decor at the top of the tree but I'm definitely more of a star kind of person !
What's your favorite Zoella Christmas product ?  (@anishabekithemba) I only have the Hungry Hands but I love it ! It smells so good and reminds me so much of Christmas cookies.

What's your favourite eyeshadow palette you own ? (@bethxkate) I can't really decide between my Morphe 350M that you can see HERE or my new 'Swamp Queen' palette from Tarte. I love the Morphe one because it has a lot of warm tones especially in the orange/red side that I'm obsessed with but the Tarte one is gorgeous and has some lovely colors too.

Any tips for starting a blog ? (@dominikamecelx) If you want to start your own blog you need to choose the right website for you. There are several platforms where you can create your own blog such as Wordpress, Blogger or Tumblr and I recommend to make some research before starting. Also make sure that you choose a theme that fits your personnality and what you want to do with your blog. And finally, enjoy blogging and write about everything you want as long as it makes you happy ! :)

Do you have any tips to share on promoting your blog ? (@kaylynvanas) I'm not a pro concerning blogging but concerning promoting I love to share my posts on Instagram as you can really talk with your followers. I also like to use Pinterest and Bloglovin'.

What made you start blogging ? Who was your inspiration ? (@amchanstar) Well, I always love writing down my thoughts in my diary since I was 7 and reading blogs like Zoella or Kate Lavie pushed me to start my own.
What's your favourite TV series ? I love Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Scream, The 100, How to get away with murder and Stranger Things.


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