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Let's be honest my handbag isn't always super clean but I thought it'd be fun if I show you what's inside. We all know that the handbag is a girl's best friend because it allows you to carry everything AND it adds a stylish touch to your outfit. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I've ordered this super cute handbag from Asos a few days ago and it's the purrfect bag (get it?!) for a night out.


I always like to carry my phone in my handbag when I go for a night out because it's always nice to have it on hand in order to take some selfies with your friends or just to see what time it is. I also keep my wallet with my money, my ID and my credit card. Also, if you know me you know that I always wear headphones as soon as I need to go outside because I love listening to some music on my way to a party and in public transports. Finally, as I have my own little place now I have to bring my keys with me.


Let's move on to the 'beauty' part. I never go out without my lip balm especially during autumn and winter because my lips dry really quick whenever it's cold and I hate this feeling. At the moment, my favorite is the Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in the shade 'Too Cool'. I also like to have a hand cream with me and I'm absolutely in love with the Zoella Wonder Hand one as it smells amazing and it keeps my hands so soft. As a beauty addict, I can't leave my house without a lipstick and a compact mirror. In my handbag I have at the moment the Yves Rocher Grand Rouge lipstick in the shade 'Violet Profond' as it's the perfect berry color for Autumn. I also like to carry this little Sephora thing that I got a while ago because it has a miror in it and it's really important to check my makeup during the day (especially the lipstick... Am I right ladies?). When I opened my bag I also discovered some rings from H&M (I think) and a bobby pin.

Boring stuff

Well, winter here I come ! As I'm always sick during this time of year I like to always have some tissues with me along with a hand sanitizer. The one I got is from a brand called «Merci Handy » and the scent is 'Flower Power' and trust me it smells like HEAVEN. This thing is so useful especially if you use public transports ! Moreover, I always keep my inhaler in my bag as I have asthma. And last but not least I managed to find a candy in my handbag … yep typical me !

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5 commentaires

  1. Haha seems like we carry around similar stuff! I love your pictures by the way hun!

    xx Lisa

  2. i love your post so much xx you're such an inspiration and i really want to start a blog but i'd be less than half as cool as you<3

    1. It means a lot to me, thank you so much ! You should definitely try and I'm sure you're going to be amazing :)x


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