♡ 20 things I've learned in 20 years ♡

Well two days ago was a bit special to me because … it was my 20th birthday ! Welcome to a whole new decade. I can't believe I'm 20 now and I still feel like a child sometimes. I think I've grown up so much, especially in the past few years. Therefore I wanted to share with you 20 things I've learned in 20 years but as I'm sure I have 20 things to say, I'm going to do 10 things I've learned and my 10 favorite moments in life/ things I'm proud of.
1. Be kind
I know it's a bit cheesy but being kind and caring about people that you love is essential. In the past few years I realized that everybody changes and grows up in his/her own way and the best is to always be kind and show people that you love them.

2. Stop complaining
Well, I'm always the kind of girl who complains about EVERYTHING in life but I've learned that this isn't going to change a thing.

3. It doesn't matter what people think of you
When I was in high school I used to be the girl who doesn't want to be seen, who is shy and not outgoing at all because I hated myself and especially my body. Because I'm tall I used to not wear any heels and my clothes were pretty boring. Now that I'm at university I realized that you don't care about what other people think. You can wear heels even though you're tall, you can wear a pink jacket because why the f*ck no and also you can wear makeup and fancy clothes whenever you want. I'm not completely done with this and I know that I still need to learn and to push myself even more but it's a process.

4. Know who you can trust in life
I know that it really sounds stupid or something but it's true. You need to surround yourself with people who really cares about you and who are not here to hurt you. Avoid negative company !

5. You're not alone
I used to think that I was better alone because as I said I was very shy but I've realized how much friends and family are important to me especially when you're not ok.

6. But time alone is also good
Sometimes I enjoy being by myself either if it is when I'm writing/ taking pictures/ reading or when I watch a comedy in my bed eating a lot of junk food (typical saturday for me!) or when I'm dancing and singing out loud in my bedroom with my headphones.

7. Let fate decide
If you know me you may know that I hate everything that is not planned and decided ages ago BUT I've decided to push myself and let the fate decides. Because yes, the unexpected can be fun !  

8. Look after yourself
I think it's really important to have a little time for yourself. For my part I love to have a long hot shower, a pamper night with facemask and watching youtube videos in my bed. Also, if you can, buy whatever you want in order to make YOU happy. Fancy a dress or a makeup product ? Buy it !
9. Be yourself
Yes I'm awkward and clumsy and yes I keep laughing at my own jokes but that's who I am and I'm proud to see that my friends love me for that.
10. Do what you love !
I wanted to start a blog for ages but I was kinda scared of what other would think of me and I put so much pressure on me ! But now I'm finally happy with this little internet space that I've made and seing your comments every single day always makes me so happy and grateful.

Finally let's end this list with my top 10 favorite moments in my life. I have a TON of wonderful memories with my friends and family but I've decided to only select the ones that might interest you !
1. I gratuaded from High School
I met most of my friends thanks to high school and I have so many memories from this period !
2. I went to Brighton twice with my friends
I'm not going to lie I hate going out of my confort zone and I was kinda scared but it was awesome !
3. I'm now at university 
Well, it's actually my third year here but I love university (well, not the amount of homework but people are so much grown up) ! I met some wonderful people at university and I'm so glad I have them. 
4. I have my own place
For the third year, I'm living in my own university room. First, it was so weird because I didn't really want to be considered as an 'adult with responsabilities' but now I've learned that having your own place makes you grow up so much.
5. I have my driving licence (but I suck at driving)
Yep, I HAVE MY DRIVING LICENCE. Sorry I needed to say it again as I still don't believe it myself !
6.  I have my own Instagram page
Instagram is now a important part of my life as it really makes me happy and I'm finally able to show how much I love photography ! I'm also really glad for all of your comments and messages. Also, thank you so much for 7k !
7. I've met Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes two years ago
I never thought in a million years that I'd be able one day to met my idol ! I was quite proud of myself because as you may know english is not my mother tongue but despite that I managed to talk to them ! What a lovely moment it was to chat with them.

8. I went to a The 1975 concert
I never went to a concert before because I don't really like to be surrounded by a lot of people but my best friend convinced me to go. We took the train (For the info : I HATE public transports so that was kind of a journey) then we ended up in Paris. And while we were approaching the concert the band came out right in front of us ! We were so close ! The concert was AMAZING and it's definitely one of my best memories.
9. I went with my friends in Paris
We went last summer in Paris to do some shopping and we had so much fun ! It was quite a journey I'm not going to lie.

10. Every single night with my closest friends
My favorite thing in life is simple : picture yourself in a little university room, sitting on the floor, laughing, eating, joking, having fun while listening to your favorite band.

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