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You all know that I'm obsessed with two things in general : Zoella and everything that is cute. So when I found out that Zoella was bringing out a lifestyle range I couldn't resist any longer ! As soon as I knew on Snapchat that Zoella was releasing a backpack I was obsessed with buying it. I really love this new range as the colors are a mix of grey, marble and light orange. I'm so in love with the way they look ! I always wear backpacks and I already have four of them but I fell in love with this one. The backpack is called « On my Travels » and I ordered it on the Boots website for £50. I'm not going to lie it's a lot of money but for the price you have a bag, the travel mug, five pencils and a keyring.

On My Travels Backpack

The bag is in a gorgeous light grey on the outside and a pastel orange in the inside. I'm so in love with it ! It's a lot larger that I expected but it's really handy as my laptop fits in it. Can I just say how soft this bag is ? And for those who asked, it's not real leather. It has adjustable straps on the back which are really convenient and you close it with a string on the front. You can also see a cute little « Z » on the bag.

Keyring – The key to inspiration

How gorgeous is this keyring ? I mean, rose gold is a big trend nowadays and I love the mix with pastel orange so much. You can buy it HERE and HERE.

Travel Mug
I know that A LOT of people were excited about the travel mug and I was too. I just wish that they provided the gloves too with the backpack. This mug is a mix of two things every bloggers love : marble and rose gold ! The size is perfect for a nice coffee or chocolate during an autumn afternoon. Buy the travel mug HERE or HERE.

Pencil set – Write on Point
Finally, we have these gorgeous ombré pastel orange pencils. Stationnery lovers I see you ! I'm definitely going to use these bad boys for university really soon. You can buy them HERE or HERE.  

I'm really proud of what Zoella achieved. This new range is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and I can't wait to get my hands on other stuff. You can find all of her products on Superdrug and Boots but the « On My Travels » backpack is a Boots' exclusive. You can find it HERE. Have you bought anything from her new range ?

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  1. Wow, i love this blog post! Im actually considering buying it now and i wasn't beofre. xx

  2. this blog helped a lot i couldn't really see them on the video properly and having a proper photo and someone else's opinion is great. how do i follow you???

  3. I also bought this backpack and I think its definitely worth the money! Such a good size not to mention how great the colour scheme is! xo

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