♡ Sweater weather ♡

Here I am again talking about the joy of Autumn ! But this time I've decided to talk about what makes this season the cozy time we all know. To embrace this « Sweater weather » what's better than showing you my Top 5 seasonal jumpers ?!


We all need a typical big white jumper for autumn/winter and I found the perfect one in H&M. It's really cozy and I love the material. It also have a zip in the back. I can't wait to wear this with a black high waisted skinny jeans and my boots. You can find it here or similar ones here and here.


As soon as I saw this beauty in H&M I knew I had to buy it ! I found the color scheme really original and although it's a medium size it looks big and cozy. I swear I could die in it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find it on the H&M website.


My best friend got me this jumper from Romwe a while ago but I'm still in love with it ! I love love love the collar as it's really cute and original. Plus, this is my favorite color ! Fun fact : I was wearing this jumper when my friends and I met Zoella and she said that she liked my jumper ! (I swear to god I was beyond happy because she is my major fashion inspiration). Currently sold out.


I bought this jumper back in September and I absolutely love it ! The mix of the three colors is gorgeous and a turtle neck is always a good idea if you are like me and you don't really wear scarf. Unfortunately I couldn't find it online. Similar one here.

I found this crop jumper last year in Zara and I've been wearing it a lot during the winter time. It keeps me warm and cozy all day and if you know me you'll know that I love striped tops. I decided to buy it after I saw Zoella wearing it last year in one of her vlog.

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  1. I have the three coloured jumper from new look, it is so cosy perfect for the cold autumn weather 💜🍂🍁


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