♡ The perfect autumnal palette ♡

A few days ago my friends and I decided to order some palettes from Morphe. We decided to get them all at once because if you don't know the shipping costs are very expensive on this website. Anyway, I went for the 350M and oh my lord what a gorgeous palette ! It has 35 matte eyeshadows from neutral shades to warm ones.

I found these eyeshadows really pigmented and matte. I love all the shades as it goes from neutral shades to brown and red(ish) ones. I'm completely in love as this palette is PERFECT for this season. The warmer colors stole my heart ! I'm totally going to rock that red/orange look during Autumn.

Once you apply them on your eyelid they have a bit of fall-out in my opinion but despite that they are quite easy to apply as they are creamy. They are really easy to blend as well. Plus, you can find a color for every occasion ! I highly recommend this palette.

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