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You probably know if you follow me on Instagram but I've recently moved to a new university room. I'm currently studying Modern Litterature and it's my third year in university. You also know that I love interior design so when I had my new university room I wanted to decorate it as soon as possible ! This year I've decided to choose a more « grown up » style. I'm not going to lie this room was pretty ugly because the furniture is a mix of a brown/pink shade with blue/green tones. 


The desk

Well, this desk isn't really useful as I found it quite small and it has no storage. I mostly use this space for my makeup and to do my homework. First, I decided to put a plant from Ikea because plants are friends when you're alone in your university room and I love the fact that it makes your room look « more alive ». I then put my makeup storage with my favorite lipsticks and some other makeup products such as my translucide powder. I always keep my laptop on my desk along with some stationery (mostly from Hema). Underneath my desk, I bought a simple storage that I got from Ikea in order to put all of my university stuff.
On the wall besides my desk I decided to put some hexagon corkboards (see my DIY here) because it helps me so much to stay organized and to see my timetable. I also keep my calendar from Clementine Creative.

The wall

Throughout this summer I searched a LOT of ideas on Pinterest for my university room and I decided to hang a fairylight right above my bed and up to the ceilling. I feel like my room looks so cozy and warm at night with this light. I also decided to create a mini polaroid wall up above my bed. I love my polaroids so much because they all remind me of happy memories with my friends and my family. I also hang my diy It's Ok banner on my wall and I'm still obsessed with it. It's really simple to make and I feel like it's motivating. Finally, I printed this four amazing leaf prints that you can get here. I really love how they decorate this empty blank space above my fridge and my microwave. Free printables art are an easy and cheap alternative when it comes to decorate your space !

The bed

As you can ALL tell I love pastel pink so I have to make the bed in my university room pastel pink as well. I found my bed cover on La Redoute along with the two pillow covers. I then added three other cushions that I absolutely love and a white throw blanket which keeps me warm during the winter time !

The picture wall

Last year, I already did a little picture wall in my university room so I thought I'll do the same this year. I choose a colorful and bright theme for my picture wall in order to make this white wall looks more colorful. I found most of these pictures on Pinterest or on the website Ban.do. I then just put a pink miror that I got from last year.

The shelves

I'm not going to lie : this piece of furniture is looking really ugly ! I've simply decided to put a few things on it because I want to keep this part simple. I put my university books on the top shelf along with a jar full of your lovely comments, a Yankee candle and a neon LOVE sign that I got ages ago. Underneath this shelf, there are a pastel pink box, my Fujifilm camera and a copper frame.

I wasn't really happy when I found that one of my wall was a dark grey but hey I was sure I could do something with it. My university room is quite small but I feel like home and I love how it turned out after I've decorated it. I also really like my view as I'm on the top floor and I can see the city at night. Some fairylights, a fluffy rug, some pictures, a plant and this blank space turns into your new home ! Good luck to everyone who has started university.

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10 commentaires

  1. Your new room is ever so cute! I've just moved house for my second year at uni and I love putting everything together! I've done a similar thing already with my polaroid photos! xo

    Hanney | Blog About Hanney

    1. Awe thank you so much !! :) I love polaroid wall too xx

  2. I love the pinboards! So cute! It looks so much better than my uni room ever did!

    1. Thank you so much ! These pinboards are actually DIYs and they are really easy to make if you want :) xx

  3. you've made your room look lovely! i love the lights x


  4. your room looks amazing i really love the way you did the poloroid wall :)

  5. People think im crazy for this, but i cant wait to move out!!❤ i really want to decorate my room and live alone in my own little bubble❤

    1. I totally understand ! Having your own place makes you feel more responsible and you can decorate this place the way you want ! :) 💖


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