♡ DIYs : Pom pom cushion & hexagon corkboard ♡

You know what I love ? DIYs ! and  I'm pretty sure you like them as much as I do, so I've decided to create two little room decors starting from a simple white cushion and a corkboard.

Pom pom pillow DIY
I feel like pom pom cushions have made a comeback this summer so I thought I'd have my own cushion too ! I searched online but I finally decided to create one by myself. It's really simple and I love the fact that it adds a bit more texture to your bed. So for this DIY, I bought a plain white cushion from a DIY store. I'm pretty sure you can find one everywhere, it's a home basic in my opinion. I also decided to create a unique cushion using for this a piece of fabric (a pink one of course!).

You need :
a cushion of your choice
a piece of fabric
a needle
a ball of wool
a piece of cardboard
a pair of scissors

To make a pom pom :  
1. First, draw two circles of the same size on your piece of cardboard. Choose the size you want your pom pom to be. The smaller the circle is, the smaller your pom pom will be. Then, take something smaller to create a hole for the middle. Cut around this hole.
2. Place one circle on top of the other. Wrap your wool around and don't forget to tie a knot. Repeat the process until you can't add more wool in the hole.
3. Place your scissors between the two discs and gently cut the wool
4. Take another piece of wool and tie it between the two discs. It must be really tight so your pom pom won't fall apart.
5. Separate the two discs from each other
6. Trim any excess of wool with your scissors in order to have a perfect pom pom
7. Repeat the process until you have your four pom pom. Sew each pom pom to each corner of your cushion.
Then, take your piece of fabric and cut it the size of your cushion. All you need to do is sew your piece of fabric on one side of your cushion. That way you have one side with the pattern and the other one will be just white because it's the back of the pillow.

Hexagon cork board

I've seen this trend all over Pinterest and I find this DIY perfect for a dorm room or a university room because you can stay organized without damaging your wall.
You need :
One or several cork boards
acrylic paint
a paintbrush
a pair of scissors
spray paint (optional)

To make sure all of my three hexagons fit in my piece of corkboard I decided to make them out of paper first. I made two hexagons of 13,5 cm and one smaller of 9 cm. Then, I simply cut the cork board using a pair of scissors. Secure your surface by putting some tape and then paint the space you want on you cork board. Let it dry and remove your tape. I then decided to take some pins and I simply spray painted them in copper.

Hope you'll enjoy these DIYs ! Don't forget to tag me on Instagram (@its_not_snyx) if you recreate one of them.

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