♡ Little bedroom makeover ♡

As a typical interior lover I can't resist whenever I go to a decoration shop. Throughout this month, I've bought some new stuff for my bedroom and for my future uni room. I must admit that these recent purchases pushed me to redecorate a part of my bedroom so I thought that I'd share this little makeover with you. I didn't go too crazy concerning the budget and I also did some DIYs in case you were wondering. I hope this blogpost will give you some ideas for your own bedroom or if you're going to a uni room.

If you saw my Room Tour blogpost you'll know how the « bed » part of my room looks like. Well, I've decided to spice this space a bit by changing my bed's place and by changing my bedside table. I went for a simple wooden and white one from Ikea as I'm currently in love with this Scandinavian vibe that you can see all over the internet.



Another thing that I've decided to change is my polaroid string lights. In order to make this more interesting I've added a mix of polaroids, postcards and quotes that I've found online. I'm totally in love with how it turns out !



As an Instagram addict, I had to get me a grid to hang my favorite pictures. I know that you pretty saw this grid trend already but I love the fact that it changes a plain and boring wall into a beautiful and more organized space. To make this grid I've bought a grid basket from Ikea and with a wire cutter I've cut the sides parts. You can also find this type of grid on Urban Outfitters but also on Amazon.

I also wanted to incorporate a few copper stuff to this space so I've added a copper frame, a hanger and a cute flower pot with a little bit of copper on my bedside table. Talking about this flower pot you can actually do this by yourself. I've bought a plain brown flower pot and then I simply spray painted the bottom with copper paint, then I painted the two other parts using acrylic paint. You can go a little cray-cray with the design because you can't never be too crazy when it comes to DIYs ! Have fun and make your own unique design.

I've seen this idea on Pinterest multiple times so I couldn't resist any longer and I got myself a canva with a quote right above my bed. It's a super simple way to spice up the wall above your bed and I actually write the design by myself so it's feel more personnal but you can always find some designs online.

Bedding : la Redoute
Cushion : Ikea
Chevron cushion : Maisons du Monde
Lamp : Ikea
Hanger : Primark
Pink candle : Maisons du Monde
Cacti : Ikea
Moon Phases Garland : here
Canva : Ikea
Bedside table : Ikea « Askvoll »
Rug : Ikea « Tejn »
Bag : Thrift shop

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  1. The end results look amazing! And now I'm facing a huge urge to add more decor items to my room!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    ~Phoebe xoxo
    Once Upon A September Year 

  2. I love you blog so much! And also these pictures are incredible! Do you mind checking out my blog? Xoxo



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