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Although it's nearly the end of summer, it's always time for a good night out with your girls. Today, I've teamed up with Airtime to show you my perfect Girls' Night Out playlist. You know sometimes we don't get all ready together for a party and that's why Airtime is awesome because it allows you to video chat five friends at the same time. You can now all share music from Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud while chatting with your besties. We can all dance and sing together even though we aren't in the same room !

While getting ready and trying to do the perfect eyeliner wing I really like to listen to some music in order to get me in this « party mood ». I love to mix different styles and musical period. The most important thing to do before heading to a party is to have fun with your friends and music is a good way to do it. I mean what's getting ready without lyrics singing out loud with your friends ? As a true 90's kid I had to include some songs of my decade because my friends and I know the lyrics by heart and I also picked some current hits.

So here's my Girls' Night Out playlist in case you wanted some inspiration :
Tell me in the comments, what song best represents for you a girls' night out ?

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