♡ Monthly favorites : July 2016 ♡

Like June, this month has gone far too quickly in my opinion. Honestly, as I've worked this entire month I didn't even notice we were soon in August !
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First, one of my favorite makeup product of this month is the Master Sculp Contouring by Maybelline in the shade « 01 Light Medium ». I'm not a pro concerning contouring because I always found it quite hard to apply on my face and I've always ended up with an ugly brown stain on my cheek. However, I've ordered this kit on FeelUnique and I've been wearing this a lot throughout this month. This is personally my new favorite thing ever ! This kit consists of a contour shade, an highlighter, a little mirror and a contouring brush. I really like this brush as it's so useful to apply the product however I found the brush not fluffy enough. The highlighter is just gorgeous as it's a nice clear shade.

As I've said in my previous blogpost I've litterally fell in love with the Nyx Suede in the shade « Sandstorm ». I've wanted this product for AGES but it was out of stock on their website and on Feel Unique. The color is a brown shade and I really love the formula. It's a gorgeous matte lipstick ! (See my previous blogpost if you want to learn more about it).
I've ordered one of the new Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Nail Polish on FeelUnique and I've choosen the shade « Soft Pyjamas ». I love this shade so much ! It's like a matte grey/lavender and I think it's perfect for any season. The packaging is also really gorgeous.

Another thing I've been loving this month is the Skinny Coffee Club coffee. It's a 28 days weight loss program and I've been drinking this coffee every morning since a month and I must admit I'm pretty impressed by it ! I really feel less bloated and it's a perfect morning energizer in my opinion. Once you've received your product they also provide you a whole eating and exercise plan which I found so useful. I also like to add a bit of coconut milk to it instead of sugar. Use the code SNYX20 to get 20% off.

Finally, this month I've been loving the MTV series Scream. I've been rewatching the whole season 1 and I've discovered the season 2 as well. I'm not usually a fan of blood and corpses but I found the plot so interesting and once you've started you really want to know who the killer is. The season 1 finale is really twisted and I can't wait for this season finale. I have my thoughts on who the killer might be but I'm not going to spoil anything. My favorite characters are by far Noah and Audrey as I found them so adorable and funny.

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