♡ How I take and edit my Instagram pictures ♡

A lot of you have asked me on Instagram how I edit my pictures so here it is : a whole blogpost about this topic ! Well, I must admit that concerning Instagram I have improved the quality of my pictures over the past few months and I'm quite proud that you guys seem to enjoy them more and more. Thanks to a new phone and an improvement concerning the use of my camera I'm actually quite satisfied with my feed. A good Instagram feed can be summed up in three words : luminosity, quality and background.

Step 1 : First, before I take any picture I always think about what I could display in order to respect my color scheme. I usually choose pink and white objects such as makeup products and also Zoella Beauty products or even cacti and room decor.
Step 2 : When I take my pictures I like to stand close to a window in order to have a natural and bright lightning. To make sure that my objects stand out in the picture, I like to choose a white wall in my house as a background.

Step 3 : Then, I like to think about the background and it's really great to look for several flatlays ideas on Pinterest (If you want you can follow my Pinterest and more especially my category « Blog » to see my different inspirations). I love to have a clear background and sometimes a more elaborated one. For my flatlays pictures I use a marble adhesive paper, and as you may know marble seems to be a blogger trend nowadays, as it makes your pictures more clean and professional. Moreover, it's a good investment and it makes the products stand out more. You can also choose a clear background like a plain white table or even on a wooddenfloor.

My background

Don't do this ...

... but do this.
 Don't do this ...

... but do this. 

Step 4 : Once I'm done with my background and the disposition of my objects I take my camera which is a Nikon Coolpix L830. I then edit the exposure compensation and usually I choose +1.0 or +1.3 mostly when it's dark inside. To make sure that my picture isn't blurry I use the focus option on my camera and I focus on the main object. Then I simply take several pictures from differents angles.

 Exposure 0

 Exposure +0.3

 Exposure +0.7

 Exposure +1

 Exposure +1.3
Step 5 : I then transfer the pictures I took on my computer and here comes the hardest part : picking up THE right picture for Instagram. Once this is done I sometimes crop the picture and when I'm completely satisfied I add a watermark (I hate doing this but some people stole my pictures without giving me any credits).

Step 6 : Once I've transfered the picture to my phone I go on the Instagram app and I use some tools. With them I edit the brightness, the contrast, the highlights, the shadows and sometimes the sharpen. The settings change on every picture and I just do it by rule of thumb. I usually have to try several times before the picture matches my feed. I'm trying everything to get my photo bright but clear enough to actually see every detail. For those of you who were asking, I don't use any filter because I prefer a more natural picture.


Brightness : +26
Contrast : +18
Hightlights : +14
Shadows : +9
Sharpen : 7


 Brightness : +14
Contrasts : +24
Highlights : +25
Shadows : +3
Sharpen : +9



Brightness : +18
Contrasts : +17
Highlights : +24
Shadows : -16
Sharpen : +17

Step 7 : When it comes to the caption I try my best to be a little creative but I fail most of the time. As captions are important in my opinion, I don't really like long captions and I prefer to be clear. Most of the time, I like to « promote » my last blogpost or ask some questions to my followers. I usually use some popular hastags as well in order to get my picture more visible.
* These are just my personal tips concerning my feed. Always remember that the best is to have fun when you take your pictures. You don't have to copy anyone or feel down because you found somebody else's picture sbetter than yours. You have your own style and that's beyond amazing ! *

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