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Well it's THAT time of the year again ! In my opinion, summer means a lot of things but the most important one is organizing my univerity room decoration. I know that it seems a bit stupid but I found this to be so relaxing and I love arranging this tiny little space in summer. University room or dorm room is the place you're going to live for a few months so it's really important to make this place your own. What better than DIYs to help you in this situation because yes that's a fact most of students are not willing to spend money on decoration. So for today, I've decided to show you a little hanging moon phases decor for your dorm room. I've seen this on Pinterest a few times and I've decided to recreate it on a budget. Plus, you just need a pin to hang it so there's no damage on your dorm/university room wall.

You'll need :

some cardboard
acrylic paint
a foam brush
adhesive tape
STEP 1 : Draw a circle on your cardboard using either a compass or a round object. Personally I've used the Zoella Candle as a guide. Then, trace your other shapes freehand or using the compass.
Here are the seven shapes you need to draw and the colors you need to paint each of them. You can also add some stars if you want. You can also choose a more colorful palette.

STEP 2 : Paint your shapes using different shades of grey, black and white. Let it dry.

STEP 3 : Take your string and attach your shape in a symetrical order using for this, adhesive tape or glue. Make sure that the space between them is equal.

STEP 4 : Hang your DIY and you're done !  

Hope you enjoy this little DIY. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see other DIYs for dorm/university rooms !

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  1. This is beautiful and seems really easy as well! I'll definitely have to give this a try sometime!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    ~Phoebe xoxo
    Once Upon A September Year 


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