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As you may know I really love interior and room decor. I'm not going to lie I'm obsessed with every kind of decor and I think I can spend a lot of money for decoration stuff. Thanks to Pinterest and Youtube I found some great ways to save my money by doing my proper room decors. In fact, DIYs can save a lot of money when it comes to decorating. Today I want to share with you 4 little DIY projects on a budget.

String Art Canva

This is my favorite DIY of all time. As you may have seen in my previous blogpost (« My Room Tour ») I have a canva with a geometric deer on it. For this blogpost, I've decided to recreate this DIY but this time I've decided to represent the Sagittarius constellation but you can do it with any shape you want !

You need :
Tracing paper
Thread and a needle

1. Choose the pattern you want to represent
2. Print the pattern or draw it
3. If you print the pattern, use some tracing paper to transfer the pattern to your canva (or a least some points to guide you)
4. Use a thread and a needle and make sure you tie a knot at the end
5. Joined each point over and above
6. To finish tie a knot with the end of the thread

Customize your plant pot
This is a really simple DIY but I love that it add a little bit of sophistication to a regular plant pot.
You need :
Plant pot
Adhesive tape
Spray paint
1. Secure the part you don't want to paint with adhesive tape
2. Use some spray paint
3. Let it dry for a few hours

Hexagon painting
I really think hexagon pattern is doing a come back these days ! I've seen a lot of hexagon on Pinterest so I've decided to create my own little piece for my room. Again it's super affordable and easy to make.

You need :
a pair of scissors
paint (2 or more)

1. Print hexagons of different sizes or draw them on a piece of paper and cut them
2. Using these shapes simply trace the contour on your canva using a pencil
3. Fill these shapes with paint of your choice

    Geometric gem decor
I can't tell you how much I loooove this DIY ! This is a little bit hard to make but the result is just amazing. It reminds me of room decor you can find in Urban Outfitters.

You need :
a ruler
a pair of scissors


    1. Measure and cut the straws using scissors. You need 6 pieces of straw of each following size: 14cm, 6 cm, 4.5cm and 3.5cm.


    2. Create a triangle with the wire using two straws of 14cm and one of 6cm. Add another 6cm straw and then another 14cm straw to create an other triangle. Then, loop the wire around the wire at the top of the triangle and repeat the operation until you've got 5 triangles. Voila you have your top part.

    3. Let's move on to the bottom. Create a hexagon shape using another piece of wire and straws mesuring 4.5cm each.

    4. To connect the two parts together simply add 6 pieces of 3.5cm and loop the wire around the top part and repeat the process for the 6 parts.

    5. You can then paint your decor using some spray paint and let it dry at least one night.   

    Hope you liked these little DIYs. Make sure to tag me on Instagram (@its_not_snyx) if you recreate one of these !

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