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So a few weeks ago I ordered some makeup products on the Makeup Revolution website. At that time, they had a deal where if you spend at least £30 you got a £25 mystery bag full of makeup ! As a makeup lover I couldn't resist ! So let's get into this little makeup haul.

What I bought :


9 pieces Amazing brush collection : It contains 5 face brushes and 4 eyes brushes. If you are searching for a cheap (£20) and great makeup brushes set I think this one is perfect for you ! They are good quality and this collection has everything you need if you are new with makeup. I'm so in love with all of these brushes ! Rate : 5/5

Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray : I've never tried any of these before but I really like it. This keeps my makeup on till the end of the day. I found it super affordable compared to other fixing sprays. I barely feel the product on my face after I applied it. Rate : 5/5


 (swatches from top to bottom)
Fortune Favours the Brave : I saw this palette in so many tutorials on youtube that I wanted to buy it. The colors are just GORGEOUS. It contains 30 gorgeous eyeshadows with a combination of matte and glimmer shades. It's really pigmented and the packaging is just so beautiful. Plus, this palette is really cheap (£9.99). Rate : 5/5

Free Makeup Bag :

Pro Curve Contour Brush : Well I love the style of this makeup brush and particularly the gold color. I've never seen a brush like this before and the shape of it seems a bit weird but it's perfect for contouring. 5/5

The One Foundation : I can't really rate this product because I was sent the darker shade so it doesn't suit me at all. ?/5
Pure pigments : I haven't tried this product yet but the color is really nice. It's like a nice green shade and it reminds me of a mermaid look (don't ask me why). 4/5

Salvation intense lip lacker : Nothing much to say. This is a great lipgloss in an orange/transparent shade. 4/5

Lipstick High Shine Long Lasting Smooth and Sculpted lips in the shade « Still Missing my Baby » : The color is like a nice dark red/ brown shade. The formula is really smooth but I found the shape a little bit hard to apply. Another thing I don't really like is the effect it gives because it's not a matte lipstick. 3/5

I Heart My Lips in the shade « Irregular Heartbeat » : I thought I would really love this color … but no. The color is like a bright orange/pink and it doesn't suit me AT ALL. Plus, I don't really like the formula of it because it makes my lips dry and the heart shape is super pretty but it makes it a lot more harder to put on. Rate : 1/5

Amazing Care lipstick in the shade « Love Pink ! » : This product is a mix of a lipstick and a layer of hydrating argan oil balm. I really love the way it looks ! The only negative point is that it's quite hard to fill you entire lips with it as the pigmentation is only in the center. Keeps my lips smooth. 4/5
Baked eyeshadow « Beyond Eden » : I haven't tried this product yet but I swatched the colors on my arm and I quite love them. They remind me of metallic eyeshadows. 4/5

The One blush in the shade "Matte Dream" : Cream makeup products seem to be a trend nowadays ! I've never tried any cream blush before and I'm quite surprised because I actually love the formula. The color is really pretty as it's a nice pink shade. 5/5

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  1. I will definitely have to go try some of these now! You're pictures are very pretty also!


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