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Hi lovelies ! Two weeks ago I went for three days in Brighton with my two best friends. As you may know I'm not from England so I had to take the boat and it was quite an exhausting trip but I already went there last year and it was so amazing ! Brighton is such a beautiful city ! I particularly love the pastel colors but also the atmosphere of this city. It looks even prettier when there is a sunset I swear.

So, I've decided for this little blogpost to show you the best pictures I took during my trip and I hope you'll enjoy ! Warning : this post contains a lot of beach huts xx
Look how pretty this kiosk is !


I fell in love with this beach huts, especially the pastel ones

This beach hut reminds me of something...

Me vs the sun (And yes it was a bad hair day)

Typical picture of a picture in Starbucks
We took this in a photobooth located in a vintage shop called Snooper's Paradise
  On the last day we went on the Brighton Pier but it was really windy and cold

Hope you enjoy this post xx Here's another cute picture I took last year in Brighton. This sunset was gorgeous !

Tell me in the comments what's your favorite city and why, I'd love to know ♡
Also there's a Brighton haul coming soon !

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6 commentaires

  1. I always really wanted to go to Brighton!
    Lovely post xx


  2. Ah such gorgeous photos, I've never been to Brighton but it's definitely on the to do list now!

    Lauren | Pretty Things & Polka Dots

    1. Thank you lovely ! xx Yes I would definitely recommend this city :)

  3. Such pretty photos. I have never been but I would really like to go x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk


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