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Hi ! I know that it’s been a while but I have so many exams at the moment I can’t even take a moment for myself but …. IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!  I’ve decided to do a whole blog post dedicated to the most wonderful time of the year. I’m not going to lie Christmas has always been my favorite holidays ever. I really love the feeling of joy, the lights and the special atmosphere around this time. It’s so heart-warming and cozy when you wander around your town in the evening! So here’s a few things I enjoy doing during Christmas time: listening to some Christmas songs; watching a lot of Christmas movies and get ourselves all ready for CHRISTMAS.

Let’s start with my favorite Christmas songs. I’m sure all of you already know these songs but I really enjoy listening to them at the moment. They put me in such a Christmassy mood! My playlist goes from classic songs such as Frank Sinatra to some recent songs like Mariah Carrey or Glee. 

Let’s move on to the movie category! These are my ten favorite Christmas movies.  I mean, they aren’t all about Christmas but watching them remind me of this time of the year.
- Home alone
- Home alone 2
- The Grinch
- The Polar Express
- Love actually
- The Nightmare before Christmas
- Jingle all the way
- Jack Frost (I mean the one with Michael Keaton. The one who makes you cry … a lot)
- Elf
- Frozen
♡ Let me know in the comments which is your top 5 Christmas movies ♡

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  1. The photos on this post are amazing, congrats X

  2. I love the Glee Christmas album! Awesome post! x

    Cait // beyondthebeautybag.blogspot.com


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