♡ Seven little things to decorate your bedroom ♡

Hey there ! As I’m in my “I-want-to-decorate-my-dormroom-so-badly” mood I’m going to talk about some little stuff that are actually in my bedroom and which I really love. I think that there are some items that you need to have in your bedroom or in your dormroom and here they are :

1. First, let’s talk about cushions.  I have a few of them because they are so great in a little space. They automatically make your place a lot more comfortable and cozy. Also they can add some color or style to your bedroom. I choose mine pastel pink because I’m totally in love with this color.

2. Another thing you need in your bedroom is storage because, let’s be honest we all need storage in our life! They can be super easy just to hide some things that are not matching your decoration. Storage is also super handy to find things more easily : with this in your bedroom no more stress for finding things that are hiding in the end of your closet. Boxes are also great for storage and they can be use as an extra-deco. Things are hidden and your bedroom is tidy. (You are also more organized! Unless you just throw things in your boxes like you don’t care).

3. My third essential is … drum roll … candles ! I’ve been a candle addict over these past few years and I have to admit that now I have too many of them. I don’t burn them because I enjoy their perfume without doing it and also they are more decorative. Since I have too many I’ve decided to show you only my favorites. My two Yankee (Fresh Cuts Roses and Lake Sunset) smell  AMAZING, I don’t have to burn them AT ALL or even open them, they perfume all my bedroom.

My gorgeous Zoella candle “Let’s glow” is always on my bedside table because the smell helps me to fall asleep and I feel really relaxed when I smell this in my bed.

The Ikea candle on the right is bigger than the others I got but it feels so fresh and flowery. Last but not least, this candle that I got in Primark (the very first one on this picture) which always reminds me of raspberry and my favorite tea flavor of all time. Also it's really cute !
4. Another stuff that helps your room to get more decorated is the bedding ! Your bed is probably the thing you see the most in your BEDroom so that’s important. The bedding brings the tone of your bedroom. Choose a bedding which is in ad equation of what you want your room to be. For my part, I went for a simple but effective pastel pink bedding. 
5. The light! Choose some cute lights to spice up your room. Fairy lights are super cute above your bed, with polaroids hanging on them or in a jar. I got mine in Ikea and they are so cute. For more light don't forget to use mirrors.

6. Personals items are effective to make your room look more cozy and special. Use some of your favorites quotes and hang them on the wall, put your name's letters on your desk, display your favorite books on your bedside table or your favorite music CD's.
Print a ton of your pictures and put them all over your room. But the most important thing: your room doesn't need to look like a picture from a catalog, be creative and make your room something unique and personal.
I choose to hang out some of my Instagram pictures on my dormroom wall and it’s looks really pretty!

7. Another great thing for bedroom/dormroom is DIY. Make your own decoration for a low price and add some unique things in your room. Here's two little DIY's that I did a while ago :

♡ IT'S OK banner ♡

 You'll need:
- a piece of fabric or a pillowcase (I choose mine in Ikea)
- Ruler
- Scissors  
- Iron on paper
- Iron on tape 
- A wood rod
- Some twine

Cut out the shape you want in the fabric, make sure it's symmetric, fold the edges with some iron on tape, for the top part leave some room for the wood rod! Print your letters with some iron on paper (DON'T FORGET TO FLIP THE TEXT AROUND), cut out all of the letters, iron them of your fabric. Then  put the wooden rod and tie the twine on it.

♡ GOOD VIBES banner ♡

 You'll need:

- Some pieces of paper (must be quite thick) or even cardboard
- A pen
- A ruler
- Some black paint
- Some twine
You just need to cut the letters out of the paper (make sure they are the same size), paint them in the color you want, make two holes in them, I choose to secure the holes with white circles I have in my school stuff and then put the twine in the letters by order. Voilà!

I’ve always been interesting in decoration. In order to feel “good” in a space, you need to feel like this is your home, your cocoon, and the decoration helps for that. A few personals items will bring you some good old memories, a lot of cushions will make you feel peaceful in your bed, some splash of colors will turn your place into a more “living” space. Finally, we all know that you can find your home anywhere as long as you are happy ♡

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  1. Oh my gosh your blog musts be my favourite, ever! You so deserve more followers and views and everything good as your posts are so unique and you always make them your own ahh,this must be my favourite post of yours yet! Keep it up! Xxx

    1. Thank you so so much lovely ! It means a lot to me !!! Xx

  2. Absolutely loved this blog post! Your ideas are so cute and original. I love your room so much! I will definately have to use some of these ideas as inspiration in my room! Xxx I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts x

    1. Thank you! Xx Aww I want to see that ! Love your blog too ! Xx

  3. Loved this so much! Your blog is so cute & I want your bedroom!🌸

  4. The good vibes banner is amazing! I really need to get some more candles for my room!

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