♡ Autumn haul ♡

As you can tell from my last blogpost I really really love autumn (slightly obsessed perhaps). So, I’ve decided to share with you lovelies some little items that I’ve bought recently. It’s mostly makeup and beauty related. For this sort of small haul I went to H&M, Kiko and more! But don’t worry I was reasonable this time.

When I went to H&M the first thing I saw was their new makeup collection. It was so gold; I couldn’t resist! Although it’s pretty expensive, I picked a few things. As I've already had some of their makeup brushes I’ve decided to buy a kabuki one as well. I’m really in love with gold brushes at the moment and it was so cheap. 
At H&M I also bought one of their cream lipstick in the shade “In a nutshell” (£7.99/9€99) which reminds me of a nude brown lipstick. I also picked an eye shadow called “shiitake” (£4.99/5€99). The color is quite hard to describe, it’s more like a brown-copper I think.
Cream lipstick in the shade “In a nutshell”

Eye shadow called “shiitake”  
Finally, in the clothing department I bought a pair of shoes (Definitely my all-time favorite!) and a little stripped top.

Move on to Kiko shall we ?! I choose to buy only three things: the radiant touch creamy stick highlighter in the shade 101, an invisible powder and the soft touch blush in the shade 102.

Soft touch blush in the shade 102 

 Radiant touch creamy stick highlighter in the shade 101

When it comes to autumn we all scream SWEATER and when I talk about sweaters I talk about some big old ones. My favorite one at the moment is this turtle neck sweater from New Look. The color is so autumnal! I swear I could live in it.

Other/random: I’ve been looking for this kind of storage for years! I've finally managed to found one in a little French shop called Casa and I couldn't be happier. For the first time my lipsticks will be stored. Another random thing I got is …. *drum roll* 5sos’s new album! I’m so so in love with it. My favorite songs so far are Vapor, Invisible and Waste the night. Finally, October also means Halloween. So, as I had no idea, I bought this cute little bat ears from H&M.

Hope you like this blogpost. Tell me in the comments what are your favorite things about autumn ?

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  1. Love this post - my faves of autumn is the different types of lipsticks and eye shadows .. I love them !! x


    1. Thank you xx Yees autumn is perfect for lipsticks and eyeshadows :) xx

  2. Loved this post so much, we should collab sometime!! X

    1. Thank you so much :)
      Yes totally ! I'd love to collab with you xx DM me on instagram if you want !


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