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As you may or may not know Zoella is my favorite youtuber ever. I really love her videos, her personality and also her sense of fashion. The first video I’ve ever watched was her “Huge Summer Primark Haul” in 2013. I've enjoyed seeing her evolve over the years from her book Girl Online to her beauty range. She has recently hit 9M subscribers on her main channel which is insane. She inspires me everyday and she also helps me so much to deal with anxiety. Moreover, reading her first novel, Girl Online, comforts me in my idea to create this blog, so I thought why not talk about her and her products.

Girl Online
So let’s start with her first novel Girl Online released on 25th november, which is also my birthday. I really enjoyed reading this book. I can recognize myself as Penny because we are both clumsy, awkward af, introvert and yeah she loves writing her thoughts too on her blog. Also her best friend is amazing, like mine! It’s really easy to read and I love the fact that it looks like real texting conversations.

Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Scrubbing Me Softly
This body scrub is literally HEAVEN. The packaging is lovely and it can easily fit in your shower. It’s really effective, my skin feels so smooth, clean, with a lovely perfume. I can’t get over the smell of it !  The only downside is probably the price which is a little high in my opinion.

Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist 45ml

This body mist smells amazing, with its fresh and floral notes. Moreover, the design of the bottle is lovely !

Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Kissy Missy Lip Balm
The small size of this lip balm is perfect for a handbag or a makeup bag. I love that it makes my lips looks more pink and hydrated. The only thing I don’t really like is that it’s not a stick lip balm and you need to take the product on your fingers.

Zoella Makeup Bags
I own two of them: the blue one with her eyes on it and the pink one with “Just Say Yes” written on it. They are so useful for my makeup or for any storage. I love that they are easy to clean and they are the perfect size !


I can't describe how much I love Zoella and I also wanted to say that I got the chance to meet her and Alfie, a.k.a PointlessBlog, a few months ago in Brighton. They were just so nice and lovely with us! I was in Topshop with my best friends when I saw a girl who looked like Zoella. My best friend stayed with me and together we found out that she was actually Zoella. Unbelievable! I was really stressed and scared to talk to her but my best friend helped me to get over it and then Alfie came. Despite the fact that my English is terrible we managed to talk with them for 5-10 minutes. What a lovely moment! I could never be grateful enough to my friends who helped me to control myself during this moment. 

I would've never thought that one day I would meet my idols. Never lose hope lovelies !  



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  1. Aww this is very cute and nice :) so lucky to meet her! I love Zoe too and the first video I've ever watched was What's In My Bag? (Winter Edition) in 2012 !!
    I love her because she is so nice and simple and I'm very similar to her.. the passion, the style and the anxiety too!

    Have a lovely day !


    1. Thank you so much :) You're right, she is so nice and lovely. That's so sweet !

      Have a lovely day too :)

  2. Ahhh I'm obsessed with your posts. There is something about your blog which I love and is different to others and it makes me want to keep on

    1. Retreading your posts. I too love Zoe and I am so glad you got to meet her! Keep blogging girl, I love your blog and I think we should collab int he future sometime! X


    2. Wow you're just so sweet ! :D thank you so so much :) I would love to do a collab with you xx

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