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As this is one of my first post on this blog I decided to answer your questions. I asked you on my Instagram (@its_not_snyx) to suggest me some questions so here they are !

Any siblings ? No. 

How old are you ? 18 but soon 19.

What's your favorite color ? Pastel pink and white.

What's your dream job ? I want to be a journalist.

What's your favorite season ? Definitely autumn. I love this time of the year !

Do you have any phobias ? I get really anxious when there are too many people around me. I also fear of being rejected.  


What's your favorite holiday destination ? When I was a child I used to spend my summer holidays in the South of France and it was really cool. I must say I have spent great times with my family there. But for now, I would probably say England because I love this country. I went to London, Leeds, Cambridge, York but also Brighton. 

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be ? Without any hesitations ... ENGLAND ! Either London because I love this city or a peaceful place next to the sea.

What's your favorite country ?  Well, it's so obvious now.


What products do you use as your daily makeup routine ? For my daily makeup routine I use : Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser by Mabelline, Dream Pure BB Cream by Maybelline, a drugstrore powder, some Invisible Powder from Kiko, Naked 2 by Urban Decay, EyeBrow shaping by H&M, a drugstore blush, Great Lash by Maybelline, Lash Plumping mascara by Yves Rocher, Sexy Pulp by Yves Rocher and some drugstore eyeliner. I keep all of these products in my Zoella makeup bag.
What's your favorite makeup product ? My Naked 2 pallet from Urban Decay.

What's your favorite makeup brand ? My favorite drugstore makeup brand is Maybelline and otherwise I love Urban Decay. I'm dreaming of trying some Benefit products.

Which makeup item could you not live without ? Eyeliner ! I can't go outside with my  little cat wing ;)

If you could have unlimited access to clothes or makeup which would you choose ? Definitely clothes !
Who's your style icon ? I'm in love with Zoella's style ! I also like Leannelimwalker's, Inthefrow's and Taylor Swift's.
What are your favorite and comfiest jeans ? Where are they from ? I'm really into high waisted skinny jeans at the moment. My favorite is probably a black one from New Look that I bought a few months ago. I also like my ripped ones from Primark.
What's your favorite item of clothing ? What a though choice ! I would say ... my pink sweater from Romwe which is actually a gift from my best friend.
Where do you buy most of your clothes from ? New Look, H&M and Pimkie.
What's your favorite fast food place ? McDonald's.
What's your favorite Starbucks drink ? Hot chocolate (I'm so classic !).

Music/ Celebrities
Who's your favorite singer ? Ed Sheeran.
What's your favorite band ? I can't choose between 5SOS, 1D and The 1975.
Do you like 5SOS ? THEY ARE MY LIFE.
What's your favorite song ? At the moment I enjoy Jet Black Heart by 5SOS, Long Way Home by 5SOS and Hold me down by Halsey.
Who's your OTP ? Zalfie.
Who are your favorite youtubers ? Zoella, PointlessBlog, Pewdiepie, Velvetgh0st, Cutiepiemarzia and Thatcherjoe.
If you could be on an island with one youtuber who would it be ? Mmmm, I think Pewdiepie would be cool because he plays a lot of video games so he must know some survival tricks. Or maybe I'll choose Joe Sugg cause he is really funny and seems really kind.

Who are your celebrity crushes ? Luke Hemmings, Louis Tomlinson and Joe Sugg.

How to survive school ? What a great question. I'm not in high school anymore but I can give you some tips for school : stay organized, make you some close friends, don't be shy and play it cool.

Do you want to go back to school ? Well I miss my uni life a little but I don't really want to get back to homeworks and stuff like that. But I don't really have other options !

What made you start a blog ? I used to always write what I think, therefore, why not say all of this in a blog. I love taking pictures and I hope to give you some advice and to share my ideas.
Who has inspired you to make your own blog ? Zoella because her blog is heaven.
What's your favorite thing about having a blog ? I can talk about subjects that I really enjoy, share my life with you, being able to give you some advice and express myself.
If you woke up in someone else's body for one day whose body would it be ? I really want to spend a day as Zoe Sugg because she is really kind and sweet. I would love to write a book like her and cuddle a little pug.
What little things makes you happy ? Food in the fridge, going out with my best friends, new clothes and good music.
Biggest life goal ? Being able to hug Luke Hemmings.
How did you react when you met Zalfie ? Well when I saw Zoella my head was sooo confused because she was real (that's weird) and I was too shy and shocked to talk to her. She was so so cute and just in front of me. Then Alfie came, I looked straight at him in shock and I started to cry like a baby. It was so emotional ! My best friends were there and we were astonished ! But  Alfie and Zoe were so so so so so sweet with us. We talked for about 5-10 minutes and then we took some pictures. They are seriously the nicest people I've ever met !

(Thanks @c.rxblt)

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